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Zoom-Bombing: The Latest Digital Crime That Risks Children

Zoom-Bombing The Latest Digital Crime That Risks Children

Amidst the wave of “Zoom-bombing” incidents, law enforcement officials in Michigan issued the warning on Friday to address the latest incidents.

According to the current news, the charges could include disturbing a public meeting, computer trespass, hate-driven crimes, cheating, or transmitting threatening conversations. If found guilty, the crimes can be punishable by fines or imprisonment.

What Is Zoom-Bombing?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are relying on the Zoom app-the famous free video conferencing app, for varied purposes. People use this app to stay connected to family, run business, attend office conference calls, etc. School-going kids also use this app to attend online classes.

However, Zoom’s sudden popularity has also made it a place for trolls, racist comments, and hate-driven content. For weeks now, a few frauds have been pranking Zoon-sessions and harass users with racial comments, obscene contents, and cruel words.

Moreover, culprits have been uploading in-appropriate content that is known as Zoom-Bombing. There is news that even students conspire to Zoom-Bomb during online classes to harass teachers.

How Safe Is The Zoom App For Children?

Initially, we all laughed at the Zoom Meetings Gaffes, which have gone viral while we were struggling to adjust our virtual meetings with Zoom. However, we all already knew such incidents can have easily happened to us.

Off late, Zoom Bombers are hijacking people’s chats and meetings with hate images, threatening messages, and pornographic materials. These people are taking over the user’s screens, audio-feeds, and chat boxes. And that puts all of us at risk.

Especially our kids. As kids are more vulnerable to digital crimes. And due to the current lockdown phase children need to use such online video conferencing apps to attend their academic classes. Apart from that kids also use this app to stay virtually connected to their friends.

Also, the content bombing on Zoom includes adult language and pornographic content which is very inappropriate for kids. That’s why across the globe parents are using child monitoring apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control to keep kids safe online.

Zoom-Bombing And Law Enforcement

The Justice Department, Michigan is warning culprits that it will charge them with a crime if they are found hijacking the Zoom app or bombing video meetings with malicious content.

“Whether you run a business, a law enforcement meeting, a classroom, or you just want to video chat with family, you need to be aware that your video conference may not be secure and information you share may be compromised,” said US Attorney Andrew Birge in a statement. “Be careful. If you do get hacked, call us.”

Now both the FBI and US attorneys in Michigan are encouraging victims to report any wicked incidents or Zoom-Bombing to federal agents or to the local law enforcement.

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