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Zigazoo App – The Latest TikTok For Kids

Zigazoo App - The Latest TikTok For Kids

Recently, Ringelstein, the former U Class founder (that acquired in 2015), launched a new app named “Zigazoo“. Which he calls a children’s TikTok.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown phase, families are at home and global screen time has increased like never before.

Various digital companies are taking advanced steps and launching new apps and features to take advantage of the market.

Off late, Instagram launched safety features to keep kids safe against cyber crimes and now Ringelstein launches Zigazoo, a TikTok-similar app that ensures kids’ safety and entertainment.

What Is Zigazoo App?

Zigazoo is a free app where children can answer quick video-based lessons through videos and they can share responses with friends.

There are tonnes of exercises like how to create a baking soda volcano to make fractions out of food-which aims to target kids of various age groups. From preschoolers to middle school students, Zigazoo covers them all.

According to Ringelstein, video-based learning is a better way for students to engage actively in an educational activity, versus passively reading a paragraph from a Google doc.

However, while this app claims to be a TikTok for kids, it invites competition with that platform itself. Also, as per the latest news, a few teachers have used TikTok to design lessons on solar cell systems and experiments.

Safety Features And Testing Of Zigazoo

Seeing the increased screen time globally, Ringelstein is learning to limit screen time as a way to sneak education and entertainment into kids’ digital diets.

However, to combat this situation parents are also advised to use the Bit Guardian Parental Control app that limits kids’ screen time and ensures their safe digital navigation.

In the case of Zigazoo Ringelstein sees the app’s “friend” versus “follow” feature as key to the protection of kids.

The Zigazoo app asks users to opt-in to being followed, unlike TikTok, where everyone can follow the public feed.

Moreover, the Zigazoo app uses an API through SightEngine to moderate content. Ringelstein tested the app on his kids and he says it was rewarding.

However, during the testing process, he realized that children generally prefer to create long videos and enjoy watching smaller videos.

So he started figuring out the attention span of kids. Currently, the average time on site per user has gone up to 19 minutes and 43 seconds per day.

Zigazoo’s Inspiration

Ringelstein is inspired by “Sesame Street”. As per him mixing education and entertainment has made many businesses successful. He recalls how kids used to drool around in front of the screen watching the characters of “Sesame Street.”

Moreover, combining education with entertainment may come with a set of risks around child safety. Ringelstein keeps ethical concerns in mind and has created this child-friendly app.

After the launch in the initial first month, Zigazoo has had 100,000 videos uploaded to and downloaded from its site. And Ringelstein is hoping for the best.

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