With Virtual Trips, Crafts And Arts YouTube Launches A Digital Summer Camp For Kids

YouTube Launches A Digital Summer Camp For Kids

Coronavirus has changed our lives massively. And this COVID-19 pandemic has already punished children in many hidden ways. One such punishment could be- not having summer camps this year. And kids can forgo the camping experience.

But YouTube rescues kids’ joy by launching its very own virtual summer camp. Recently YouTube launched #CampYouTube for kids. With this, kids can enjoy a first-of-a-kind virtual summer camp and all they need to do is to log on to YouTube!

Why Kids Need A Virtual Summer Camp?

Across the globe, kids are at home due to school closures and they are missing their routine badly. While kids are free at home, parents are extremely busy doing household chores and work-from-home office assignments. So kids have nothing more to do apart from their online classes.

Also, kids are sensitive towards this globally spread pandemic. They feel stressed and use various digital devices as a source to escape reality. Globally, kids’ screen time has increased massively in the last few months of lockdown.

Moreover, a virtual summer camp will come with some sort of education and fun that kids can have online. Instead of playing games and getting addicted to various social media platforms, utilizing the Internet productively will help kids.

On this note, we would like to share that to tame kid’s screen addictions and limit social media usage, parents are using Bit Guardian Parental Control App that limits, protects, and restricts kid’s virtual lives.

What Does The Virtual Summer Camp Offer To The Kids?

The virtual camp gives more than 1,200 videos to keep your children entertained. It will give all the fun and excitement that camp-goers can have during summer camps. Kids can enjoy various activities in theater, science, arts, sports, adventure, and more.

Also, the best part of the camp is that it is absolutely free for children and families. The camp has well-designed, curated collections of various videos for children of all ages. These videos are set up in four different streams-STEM, Sports, Arts, and Adventure.

Inside every stream, the content is divided into sub-streams, like videos for children under the age of 13 or videos for teens. The Arts section videos for teens cover painting tutorials and ‘how to’- videos. For children under 13, there are videos on KidzBop dance classes and the famous series of videos from Sesame Street.

How #CampYouTube Can Be Beneficial For Kids?

With this summer camp, kids can forget all the fears and anxieties they are feeling from the last few months due to the Corona crisis. Also, the camp offers virtual field tours, which cover the great quality of 360 videos from some of the most fascinating places on Earth. Kids can visit famous national parks, Monarch Butterfly migration from Mexico, etc.

Moreover, using it along with fun and productive things to do at home can be very beneficial for kids. And as no summer camp would be complete without snacks and sweets, this virtual camp also offers plenty of how-to videos for making snacks and sweets.

Are you ready to enjoy the virtual camp with your entire family?

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