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A Working Parent’s Survival Guide To Sail The Venture Of Parenting And Work

A Working Parent’s Survival Guide

Have you ever been in the position when you are working and your children are jumping in front of your eyes? Yes, this is exactly the emotion we are talking about! Let’s find out how to cope with such a situation and what kind of survival guide you need the most to manage parenting and work together.

Moreover, during this lockdown phase, parents need effective tips to work from home with kids. Such a survival guide works as absolute wonders when your child grows happily while you are busy with work.

Why Is A Survival Guide Essential For A Working Parent?

For modern parents, parenting goes hand in hand with their office work or business. Feeding a baby, taking care of his special needs, cleaning and cooking food for him- a working parent juggle with these tasks along with office work, client meetings, and business targets!

Not to mention that managing all these together requires constant attention and a lot of energy! You need the right kind of communication and perfect time management. A survival guide offers it all to help modern working parents.

Let’s Talk About Type Of Parents And Their Problems

The Approach one can choose while working and parenting depends upon a lot of things. Different types of parents have different problems and different solutions.

  • Working Parents

When both, father and mother are working full-time shifts it becomes a task. You have to find a proper balance of work, life and your kid. When you both are working your child must know some familiar faces apart from you. Such parents can not discipline kids as they are busy with office work.

For example, If kids spend hours on various online platforms, no one is there to monitor them. Most of the time the increased screen times of kids becomes a real challenge for working parents.

To tame kids’ screen temptations such parents use Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app not only protects kids’ online lives but also limits their screen usage. It is an excellent app to restrict kids’ app addiction while you are not able to oversee them all the time. Are you a working parent and struggling to manage kids’ device addiction? Install this app in kids’ devices to discipline them.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • Young- Age Parents

Parenthood is a blessing! But when you are experiencing parenthood in your early 20’s this balancing task can be extremely tiring. As you are already facing a lot of challenges of your own. You need to make sure you got everything pulled together and perfectly fine-tuned to make this work.

What Are The Challenges Of Working Parents?

You may find yourself looking at the clock in the office and wondering about your kid. Working parents around the world are facing the same issues and struggling to find ways to make this work. Here are some common struggles of working parents.

  • Time- Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Finding time for your personal needs
  • Taking proper care of the kid

Different Challenges Of Mother Vs Father

It just adds to your challenges when you are a mother. The schedule of the working mom is hectic like hell! The kids at their young age are fond of mothers. It is very important for you, be a gentle parent and reciprocate with love while you are working!

A Survival Guide To Overcome Working Parents’ Stress

Parenting does not involve some magic tricks or gimmicks. We cannot even promise you some thumb rules or ideas to make parenting easy. Just try these common solutions as your survival guide.

  • The first thing to do is communicate. Communicate with your partner, your manager, even your parents sometimes! It helps to restore work-life balance.
  • Plan your days and your ins and outs. Have a specific time for video calling your kid so that he knows you are there. A simple affection of love and a hug can bring a super smile on your kid’s face.
  • Try and work for different shifts so that the kid at least has one of you with them all the time.
  • Please make sure you are aware of the needs of your child.
  • Have your kids be familiar with some close and trusted neighbors. So that when you are not around, they can call for help, if needed!
  • Do a background check of the daycare agency or someone you hire to take care of your kid.


Just make sure to look out for each other. Don’t let the father feel he is alone running the show. Share the responsibilities of the mother so that she never feels overburdened! Remember, you are in this, together right?

The Survival Guide for parenting is just a shoulder to lean upon. All you can do is take some time for planning this out and try as many ideas as possible.

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