With Amazon Kids And Amazon Kids+ Amazon Rebrands Its Kids’ Friendly Services

Amazon Kids And Amazon Kids+

Recently, Amazon announced that it is planning to rebrand its child-friendly services. Currently, Amazon offers Amazon FreeTime and Amazon FreeTime Unlimited as its kid-friendly platforms. But now the tech-giant wants to rebrand it as Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+.

Also, with the name change, the new services are aimed to provide new home screen experience to children. A few months back, YouTube launched a Digital Summer Camp for kids. And now Amazon is all set to introduce exciting video content through these services.

What Are The Child-Friendly Services Amazon Offers Now?

With Amazon FreeTime and Amazon FreeTime Unlimited currently, Amazon offers many useful and age-appropriate content to children. To date, it offers a whole lot of free video content to kids. For paid customers, it offers an exclusive e-library.

For kids’ entertainment, the library has a vast collection of over 20,000 books, audiobooks, games, movies, and Spanish-language content. However, it costs $2.99 per month for a single child or $6.99 per month for a family.

In the case of non-prime members, Amazon offers discounts on a longer time commitment. Currently, it offers a $69 annual family plan for Prime customers.

Apart from that, Amazon offers parental control to restrict screen time and children’s access to unapproved content. However, it offers very basic safety features and can not block unsuitable apps and content.

For parents, who want to keep their kids safe online, we recommend using Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is a comprehensive child monitoring app with real-time and virtual -safety features that ensure kids’ overall safety.

This Android app blocker blocks unsuitable apps and content. For its effective screen time control features, it is renowned as one of the most reliable parental control apps of 2020.

What Are The New Offerings Of Amazon Kids And Amazon Kids+?

With Amazon Kids, Amazon is planning to offer various services to kids. It will have dedicated sections like “Music,” “Videos,” “Books,” “Educational,” “Apps & Games,” etc.

Additionally, it uses colorful app icons for kids. There are rows of different image thumbnails that offer thematic groupings, recommendations, and kids’ interests.

Moreover, it shows a child’s recently viewed content or a row of suggested games below these thumbnails. Parents can easily enable these new offerings through profile settings. You can go to the “Adjust Age Filters and Themes” section in the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Another new feature is Alexa. Those kids who have Alexa devices at home can use their tablets to broadcast their voice messages. They can do it through the device’s “announce” feature and everyone at home can listen to it. However, to enable this feature, Amazon requires parental consent.

Parents can also check Google’s Kids Space that offers kid-friendly tablets. You can maximize kids’ screen experience using such tablets and latest Amazone offerings.

Also, Amazon is planning to extend its family-friendly content catalog. In the near future, it wants to include games with famous characters like Transformers, Barbie, Angry Birds, etc.

The “plus” symbol (+) indicates the premium content of the same service. Disney+, ESPN+, TiVo+, and Apple TV+, etc are already using the same strategy.

According to the Amazon spokesperson, the full rebrand will roll out in the upcoming few months. However, the new home screen and Alexa integration will be available within a few days.

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