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Why Parents Need Parental Controls?

monitoring child's online activity

Today’s parents are raising a tech-crazy generation. Right from toddlers to the teens -everyone is hooked to his devices. And that is why parents need to use effective parental controls to monitor, safeguard and limit kid’s online activities. These sources act as the digital guardians of our kids.

Who thought that our handheld device which was given to stay in touch with each other will act as a primary medium that disconnects everyone from the real world?

With multiple parental control apps available in the market, parents tend to get confused. So here we bring the top picks of parental control apps and software. But before jumping on the list let’s first understand what these apps actually are and how they function.

What Is Parental Control?

Parental controls are software and apps designed to safeguard today’s tech-crazy children. These apps limit, monitor and protect kids’ digital lives.

A perfect way to safeguard your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Top 5 Reasons To Get Parental Control Apps


  • Seeing the increasing ratio of cybercrimes, parents are worried about kids’ online safety and on the other hand, our kids enjoy carefree and unguarded web surfing.
  • But our gullible kids can be a very easy trap for online predators, cyberbullies and frauds. Our children are curious and their quest to know more can put them in danger with their risky online behavior.
  • Additionally, they may disclose personal information, travel routes or any other crucial data that may compromise their own safety. A well designed Android parental control app can resolve all these concerns.

Cyber Protocol

  • A few safe etiquettes or say, cyber protocols will help save your children from probable online dangers.
  • Unethical hacking, pornographic content, Phishing, etc are very damaging. But safe internet usage guidelines can prevent your child from being the victim of cybercrimes.
  • Are you sure your kids will follow your cyber protocol even if you are not monitoring them? A parental control app for android will help you to monitor your kids 24/7.

Online Reputation

  • Are you worried about your kid’s online status? You should. Our teens blast the internet with every type of post on social media. They enjoy sharing every detail of their life online.
  • And unfortunately, anything, once shared online will never go away! Their digital footprints can be tracked anytime.
  • Why is parental control important when you can simply stop them using dubious sites and instruct them not to post essential information online? Well, these apps help you control your kid’s impulsive postings on social media or any other online platform by limiting their access to such platforms.

Time Management

  • Devices are addictive. There are a number of tempting apps, games, and platforms that keep kids hooked to their screens all day long.
  • Besides cyber threats, excessive screen time causes poor vision, bad posture, insomnia, lack of social and physical activities in kids.
  • Such an unhealthy lifestyle hinders the kid’s growth and development. Their study and overall performance get affected.
  • To make your kids understand the value of time and results of a balanced life you should limit kid’s screen time. Use parental control apps for android to establish the habit of device-free life. (at least for a few hours)

Bespoke Homescreen

  • Every child is unique. And you can not apply the one size fits all approach with kids. Maybe restricting him entirely from using his device can degrade his performance.
  • After all, there are many educational sites and informative portals online. By blocking and deleting all apps and websites you may eliminate the chance of using a few useful apps that can increase the knowledge of kids.
  • There are many Android parental control apps that offer a bespoke home screen. Now you can restrict your kids from using inappropriate apps and allow only a handful of apps in his device, which will help him improve.

Why Parental Control Is Important?

Apart from all the above-discussed issues, a brilliant parental control-such as Bit Guardian Parental Control offers brilliant features that ensure a completely safe online life of your child.

  • This Android parental control app offers screen time features such as-App time limit, Screen time limit, etc that empowers parents to limit kid’s screen time.
  • Are you worried about your teen’s late-night app addictions? The bedtime feature will tame him and it will restrict the device usage effectively.
  • It also offers App Block and App Install Block features that enables the parents to allow only a child-friendly app on a kid’s device. And your kid can not outsmart your decisions. This parental control app restricts your child entirely from downloading any new app from the Google play store.
  • Use Geo-fence and speed limit tools to ensure your child’s safety even in real-life.
  • The Panic And SOS Button will keep your kid safe in an ungodly hour. This GPS tracker app also offers an Anti-Theft feature.
  • With Kiosk Mode you will be able to allow only a handful of apps and all the other functions of the phone are restricted. This is how you can protect your young ones from wasting time on addictive apps and platforms.

To conclude, we recommend you to discuss everything about parental control with your kids. Let them know you are using this app not to track him but to keep him safe online.
When you and your child mutually agree to use a parental control app, nothing can threaten your kid’s online safety! It is like a digital eye, tracking your kid’s every digital move.

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