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Why Parents Are Encouraged To Use Parental Controls Even In This Pandemic?

Use Parental Controls Even In This Pandemic

Critical times call for critical measures. According to child experts, the lockdown phase sees a massive upsurge in the usage of the mobile Internet. And this is the biggest sign of danger, especially for kids.

Moreover, digital devices are potential crime centers. When your kids stay online for longer hours they are more vulnerable to online predators. That’s why security experts highly suggest using Parental Control tools during these tough times.

What Are Parental Control Tools?

Parental control tools are specially designed to keep kids safe online. These apps or software are aimed to provide safe digital exposure to kids.

Also, it can be set up at different levels—control settings are usually built into the device itself. They are generally set to control and monitor the operating system, browser, search engines. Also, they are useful in applications that are used for video streaming/gaming. Parents can tweak these tools as per their requirements.

There is a profound impact of Coronavirus on the spread of cybercrimes. Hacking, bullying, adult content, phishing, etc are major threats these days and parental control tools can prevent these all effectively.

Apart from that, there are malicious apps, dubious third party links, and many suspicious online portals that are risky. These sources are potential dangers that can threaten your kids’ safety online. An effective parental control app can protect your child from all these perils.

How Does An Effective Parental Control App Look Like?

A brilliant parental control offers many useful features with an easy interface. There are many such apps in the market but Bit Guardian Parental Control is a reliable app. Moreover, it is renowned as one of the best parenting apps for 2020.

It offers multiple safety features that give your kids safe digital navigation. Here are some of the main functionalities of this app.

  • It is a robust Android app blocker that blocks all the unsuitable apps. App Block and App Install Block are effective child lockers that ensure only child-friendly apps on your kids’ devices.
  • With App Time Limit and Time Schedule you can limit your kids’ screen time effectively.
  • It also offers real-life safety features such as Geofence and Speed Limit, Panic and SOS, etc.
  • Parents can anytime monitor kids’ online activities with this child tracking app.

Also, it is very easy to install and set up this child monitoring app. The best practice is using this app along with other browser-level control software.

Different Types Of Parental Controls

Different types of parental controls offer different levels of security. Let’s quickly understand various types of parental controls.

Device Level

A few parental controls offer device-level controls. Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such device-level control tool. Such types of parental control tools keep a check on malicious apps/platforms. It can limit screen time and offer other device-level support.

Operating System Level

As the name suggests, these tools are effective measures that check unsuitable online activities from operating system levels. Also, it offers effective supervision for various operating systems. (Microsoft Windows, ChromeBook, the iOS operating system of Mac, etc.)

Additionally, these tools filter all the inappropriate content. It allows your child safe digital navigation.

Browser Level

Browser level parental controls keep an eye on your browser. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc can be effectively filtered with it. It checks for child-friendly content/ apps and platforms with these tools.

Search Engine Level

A few parental controls are designed to control all the unsuitable online activities from the search engine level. These tools keep your child safe whenever he uses his Google search engine, Yahoo, or Bing.


Apart from these major tools, a few parental controls work for specific purposes. There are video application-level controls that monitor content from the app level.

Most of the time, kids’ handheld devices become their biggest addiction. So many smartphone companies and gaming consoles offer built-in parental controls these days. It helps families to keep track of kids’ gaming practices.

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