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Why Experts Recommend Online Learning Over Offline For Kids

Online learning for kids

The recent pandemic made a major shift in the learning process from conventional classrooms to digital tuitions ie. online learning. Kids, for a short period of time, were bound to learn just online. According to experts, what was done in helplessness might prove to be our savior for the future. They are recommending that online learning should be the first choice of parents even in the future.
The best fit for the holistic development of your child is e-learning.
Let us discuss online learning advantages and disadvantages for understanding the expert’s point of view in-depth.

Why is online learning better than traditional?

Do you think that education is all about memorizing the syllabus and making assignments?

No, right? For the comprehensive education of a kid, there is a need for increasing the radar of their learning. For sure, it cannot be achieved easily in the traditional education system. In online learning, students can explore a lot and understand the concept better by various visuals.

Wondering what else online education has to offer? Let’s get some insights. 

Comfortable and Safe

Who would have thought that it is possible to learn from world-class educators right from their own homes?

Online learning is truly bliss in these tough times. Parents can be relieved that their little ones are learning in front of their eyes. Moreover, they are keeping their distance from any mishappenings or communicable diseases they can attract in public places (we have recently seen a pandemic that shook the world). That’s not all, it is extremely convenient for children to learn in their own homes, in their own comfort levels rather than adjusting in benches of classrooms. 

No backbencher concept and more focused learning

Since there is no room for any backbencher concept, teachers can pay individual attention to everyone. Also, your children can themselves choose their educator. So, they will be motivated to a greater extent to learn more. 

Save lots of time

Traveling every day to school consumes so much time and it could be very exhausting for your kids. Online learning lets your child save lots of time by eliminating the need for a long and crowded commute. Your child can always use this free time to do something productive. Also, parents can be ensured that their child is learning properly as they can monitor their behavior while taking the class.

The advanced online learning experience

E-learning was never about just cramming books. It aims at the multi-dimensional development of a child by providing them holistic education. Online learning modules are designed by mixing interactive auditory media and visuals which improve the learning experience and aid in retention. They ensure to teach your child practically about any topic by taking help from visualisations and fun activities.

Easy on your pocket

E-courseware and online resources are much cheaper if we combine the cost of all the textbooks they can replace. On top of that, online courses only demand a fraction of the cost as compared to how much you have to pay for the same classes at any regular institution. You can find a wide range of online classes for free, do not forget your commute fair. You can save a great deal of money by switching to the online side.

Recording lectures

Most knowledgeable educators give a great deal of knowledge while explaining any topic. While making notes, only keynotes can be written. Is there any effective way to refresh the concepts taught by them in traditional classes?

No. On the other hand, you can record the entire lecture taught online for your child and can revisit and revise it whenever there is a need.

Global learning

Boundaries cannot limit online education. E-learning gives your child a chance to learn even from a teacher who is halfway across the world. You can also get answers to all the queries in real-time. Traditional classes trap children in cubicles. And in the case of online classes, your child interacts and works in groups with students around the globe.

Out of the box learning

Going daily to school and spending lots of time there everyday becomes so exhausting for some kids that do not put any effort to learn anything out of their curriculum. On the other hand, in online learning students save plenty of time and effort which can later be used for kindling their curiosity which will lead them towards creativity.

Flexible class schedules

Online learning trumps traditional learning in terms of its flexible class schedules. Kids can be really difficult sometimes with their never-ending mood swings. There are times when they just don’t want to study, no matter how much we try to convince them. Most of the online classes programs also allow students to attend a lecture in another batch if they have missed their session. That way, if your child is not willing to learn at that particular time, you can always continue their learning in the next session. 
All these points are only the tip of the online-learning iceberg. The benefits of e-learning are innumerable. You can easily squeeze e-learning modules into bursts of time. Your child can learn whatever they are curious about without any limitations and other endless benefits.

The other side of online learning

E-learning lets your child unfurl the entire learning but only if the student is attentive enough and desires to learn. Online learning is all about Motivation and Self-discipline. Distractions like social media, games on the phone, or Tv can divert the learner’s attention and they might be left behind. 

Children’s online activity monitoring experts have recommended parents to use reliable third-party parental control apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control for unhindered education of young students. It will block the disturbing apps or put a time limit on them with its unique app time limit feature. Parents can ensure the holistic learning of their children without compromising their safety and precious time by making use of parental control apps.

Final Thoughts

The competition will continue to surge in the educational arena. Parents should provide the right attention and resources to kids. They should get proper holistic education. You must have got some clarity about your choice by comparing online learning pros and cons. Traditional education is restricted in nature and does not offer proper exposure to kids. In the future, e-learning should be chosen as more of a norm and less of a novelty. 

So, what do you think? Which is better online or traditional learning? Let us know your own thoughts in the comments section below.

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