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Which Are The Safest Phones For Kids?

List of the safest phones for kids

Do you know more than 53 percent of kids own a smartphone before they turn 11?  Are you in favor of phones for kids?

As kids grow up, they start craving for their independence. They ask for their own room, own bike, and phone. How could we forget the phone? It is recommended to buy personal phones for kids only after they turn 14. But, I believe it completely depends on the maturity level of kids. And, how to test their maturity and resilience? There are certain questions you should ask yourself first before assigning the first device to your kid.

Are they responsible enough to handle a smartphone?

Will they obey the rules and regulations you will set?

If yes, then only it is the right time to buy a phone for your kid. But, I don’t mean you can hand over your old smartphone or buy regular phones. There are certain safe phones for kids available in the market. Parents should consider buying only those in any case. Below mentioned are the safest cellphones for your children.

Best Cell Phones For Kids

Looking for the best first mobile phone for 11 years old or a reliable smartphone for 7 year-old? Here is the list of phones for kids, teens, and tweens that are safe to use:-

Jitterbug Flip 

Are you looking for a smartphone for 7 year-old kids?

Then, the Jitterbug phone for kids might be your best choice. Jitterbug Flip can be one of the best first phones for kids because of its easy-to-use technology and attractive design. This no-frills cellphone is ideal for making calls, clicking pictures, and texting. Keeping in mind the concern of parents, this phone is internet-free. Kids can effortlessly navigate through this phone and make use of its pretty display. The cherry on top is the emergency button which can alert you whenever your kid is in danger. 

Price- $99.99

Pros- Attractive Retro structure, Simple to use

Cons- Expensive as compared to other phones, Outdated technology

Relay Kids Screenless Smartphone

Relay phones are a three-in-one solution for Talking, Tracking, and Connecting. If you are looking for a toy phone for children that can also secure them in the real world, then choose this one. Relay phone reviews say that this cute little phone is also a robust GPS tracker and music player. It looks like a simple speaker and you can get it in five attractive colors. To leave a message, your teens and tweens just need to long-press the push to talk button on this device. Parents can immediately read this message on their relay app which can be downloaded on their smartphone. 

Price- $49.99

Pros- Water Proof, GPS Tracker

Cons- Expensive service, Large 

iPod Touch – one of the best phones for kids

Wondering, should a 9 year old have an iPod touch? 

iPod Touch is basically an iPhone for kids minus the call part. It let your kids install iOS applications, use Bluetooth, and WiFi. What makes it the best phone for kids 2020 is its vast functionality. You can even install parental control apps and monitor your kid’s activity as well as restrict app usage. This phone has a pretty good 8 megapixels camera, long battery life of up to 40 hours, and a video recording feature. 

 Price- $199

Pros– Wifi connection is easy to use, Auto-brightness feature

Cons- No external speakers

Vtech KidiBuzz G2

First of all, let me clarify that it is not a cellphone. Your kids can share pictures, audio, and text messages but only when there is an available Wi-Fi network. It does not have a search bar or social media apps which is a good thing. Yet, it is pre-loaded with more than 40 educational games to keep your little one entertained. It is not for making calls or accessing cellular networks. Plus, parents can decide with whom their kids are allowed to interact by installing the Vtech KidiConnect app on their own smartphones. If your little kiddo is one of those who doesn’t prefer to speak over the phone, then you know which phone to choose. Its shatterproof screen and tough body are an added delight for your child.

Price- $123

Pros- Robust body, 180-degree movement in the camera

Cons- GPS tracking missing

Palm Phones For Kids

Looking for, the best first mobile phone for 11 year old? 

Your search ends right here. Palm phone is on our list of most reliable phones for kids because of its long battery life and great user interface. This Android smartphone can accommodate a full suite of applications. What makes it suitable for kids is its water-resistant and dust-proof body. 


Pros- Compact size, easy to use, good price compared to features.

Cons-  Screen does not respond quickly

KidsConnect KC2 Cell Phone

KC2 by KidsConnect is one of the best GPS phones for kids. It has 

  • GPS Tracker- to let you monitor your little one.
  • SOS Button- to alert you in case of emergency.
  • Geofencing- for creating a virtual fence. 
  • Location History- can give you detailed whereabouts for your kid to observe any pattern in their behavior. 

Price- $89.95

Pros- Restricted dialing, SOS button

Cons- User interface, service charge can go from $15 to $45 per month.  

These phones will keep your kids real as well as in the virtual world. But what if your kid already owns a smartphone? You are left with no option but to replace it. Just kidding! We have a solution for you in that case too.

How To Make Your Kid’s Existing Phone Safe

The best way to make any smartphone safe for your kid is by installing a third-party parental control app. And, the best option for parental control is Bit Guardian Parental Control. It will help parents to keep their kid’s screen time in check. Moreover, it can filter unsolicited content and inappropriate websites as well as block unhealthy applications to keep them safe and secure.

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