What Parents Should Know About Increasing Myopia Conditions In Children?

Parents Should Know About Increasing Myopia Conditions In Children

When we think about digital hazards and kids’ safety, we generally focus on the online safety of kids. We can think of keeping kids safe from hackers, predators, and other probable digital dangers.

But we miss focusing on the effects of excessive screen time. Kids don’t know how to take a break from the Internet and suffer emotional and physical consequences of heavy screen time.

All the increased screen time leads to increased eye strain. Do you know what is myopia(eye-condition) in kids and what parents can do about it?

What Do You Know About Myopia?

Myopia is also known as short-sightedness. It is an eye disorder wherein, light focuses in front of the retina. And as a result of it, distant objects get blurry. All close objects appear normal.

As kids grow up, their eyes also grow. As they grow they change weight, size, etc. But when they use devices for long hours while they grow up their eyes feel a tremendous strain. Eye mussels experience unusual stress and kids start experiencing short-sightedness.

When kids have nearsightedness, gradually their eyes lengthen and stretch. As a result, it develops myopia, affecting the child’s ability to see long-distance objects.

Parents should understand how technology affects kids’ sleep and other activities. When kids use laptops, tablets, smartphones, electronic games, etc with a close-range is, their eyes affect severely.

How Parental Control Tools Help To Reduce Screen Time?

According to child experts, focusing on the screens reduces kids’ blink rate. As a result of it, there is a huge rise in myopia, dry eye and poor vision in kids.

To control this situation, parents need to reduce kids’ screen time. There are many ways to limit kids’ device usage. One of the most effective tools is to use parental control apps.

With the help of parental control apps, parents can limit, protect, and monitor kids’ online activities. You can use Bit Guardian Parental Control, one of the best parenting apps of 2020 to keep your kids’ device usage in check. It is a brilliant screen time control tool that offers varied features.

App Time Limit and Time Schedule are dedicated screen time control features that help parents to set limits to various addictive apps. It limits kids’ social media and gaming addiction.

Apart from that, it works as an excellent Android app blocker that blocks all the unsuitable apps on your kids’ devices. This app acts as your child’s digital guardian and allows him safe digital navigation.

How To Save Young Eyes From Myopia?

The American Academy Of Children And Adolescent Psychiatry, (AACAP) defines healthy screen time for kids.

  • 18 months or less – allow only video chat that is also if necessary.
  • 18 to 24 months – allow watching short videos in the presence of a caregiver.
  • 2- 5 years – 4 hours a week only.
  • 6 and up – encourage healthy screen habits with restricted actions.

In order to follow these healthy screen habits, parents should do below-mentioned things.

  • Limit kids’ device usage by setting up strict screen time rules.
  • Establish device-free zones in the house to limit device usage in particular areas such as the kitchen or bedroom.
  • If your kids show signs of changes in their vision, get their eyes checked immediately.
  • Encourage real-life activities such as sports and camping to limit kids’ screen cravings.

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