What Is Your Choice For Your Kid’s Education? In-Person Studies Or Remote-Learning?

Choice For Your Kids Education- In-Person Studies Or Remote-Learning

In this Pandemic vs. Parents’ situation, now parents are all set to fight the fears of COVID-19. For many months, kids’ education has been disturbed and now parents want them to resume studies.

Although different states have already provided guidelines for home-schooling, it is difficult for parents to continue kids’ education at home. Also, many schools and educational institutions are now planning to re-open.

Additionally, schools are offering a choice to parents whether they want in-person learning or they are comfortable with current remote-learning conditions for their kids.

What Are Mixed Learning Models?

Across the globe, education experts are acknowledging mixed learning models (continuing E-learning through homeschooling along with the in-person education) after the Coronavirus crisis. Most of the schools largely favor remote schooling only, as it is difficult to start regular studies with safety restrictions.

However, there are few institutions that are giving an option to parents and are ready to start in-person studies with limited teachers. They ensure that they will practice all the safety measures in the institute.

schools are roughly counting that at least 40% of families will opt for the remote option. This will also aid in spacing out the students that opt for classroom coaching. Social distancing being the key precaution.

Parents are excited to know how the schools will look like when they reopen during the COVID-19. This is the first-ever scenario in the history of education and parents have little-to-no details on what remote learning and in-person learning will look like!

What Are The Factors That Affect Parent’s Choice Of Study Models?

There are many things parents should consider before choosing in-person learning or remote-learning. Here are some of the points you can ponder upon.

  • The very first thing that mainly affects parents’ decision will be the case counts in the area of kids’ school and where he resides. If the cases are increasing massively in your area, then you must choose remote-learning to keep your kids safe.
  • Another point of concern is your kids’ learning requirement and which class/grade he is into. If he needs to attend a few classes in-person for a specific subject then you should consider the traditional learning approach.
  • The major factor that supports home-schooling is a strong Internet connection and parents’ technical skills to enable kids to stay active on different learning portals. If you are not a PRO Internet user and your area does not have a smooth Internet connection home-schooling is difficult for you.
  • Also, if your child finds it difficult to manage and learn things from different online sources then you should adopt a hybrid learning model, wherein majorly you choose an in-person learning system.
  • Homeschooling is successful only when a child is focused and learns his lessons regularly at the given time. But globally, it is noticed that kids get distracted very often with devices while they are studying at home. Online surfing, playing games and using social media accounts on smartphones have turned out to be your kid’s new friends.

This has led to a massive increase in screen time, so if things are going out of control and you want to discipline them we suggest you to use a child monitoring app like Bit Guardian Parental Control. This child monitoring app offers effective screen time features along with other kids’ safety tools. This one of the best parenting apps of 2020 limits your kids’ device usage and helps kids to focus on study during remote-learning.

According to child experts, these pandemic days made us all learn a lot and it developed a unique hybrid education system that everyone should support.

As per your child’s requirements, you should pick your choice of education model. However, a mixed learning system is safer and more successful these days.

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