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Video Games For Kids- Yes Or No?

Video games for kids- yes or no?

Would you allow video games for kids?

Being a parent, you are bound to say “No” a million times. After all, kids’ demands can go from eating Nutella in the dinner to buying a boat for the swimming pool. Recently, a new discussion is emerging about should parents allow video games for kids? I know you are about to say a clear NO but I would suggest you wait a bit. Because recent studies say that playing video games can do both good and bad to kids. 

You already have an idea about the drawbacks but yes it is surprising to believe that video games for kids online can be beneficial too. Read more to get clarity about it. 

How Video Games For Kids Can Be Beneficial?

As per scientists, in recent times the nature of video games online has highly evolved. It has become more diverse, social, and realistic. Scientists suggest that video games can be beneficial for kids in three ways:-

Video games for kids enhance multi-tasking skills

Playing video games requires quick switching from one task to another multiple times. Some games require players to keep an eye on many unexpected surprises. They need the flexibility to change strategies swiftly and suitably. These techniques help players to handle multiple tasks and shifting variables in the real world. 

Enhanced decision making and problem-solving capabilities

Most games include riddles or problems. A player needs to solve these to level up in the game. In order to play games like Angry Birds or Machinarium, players need to make use of their logical thinking and creativity. They need to find, strategize and experiment with multiple solutions to get to the next stage. This helps to optimize kid’s problem-solving capabilities. Plus, video games for kids heighten their sensitivity. Studies say that video game players can make appropriate decisions more rapidly than non-players.

Better hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and good spatial understanding

In video game consoles for kids including car racing, players need to monitor their position as well as their speed. At the same time, they also need to track their competitor’s movements. After analyzing all these factors, players must coordinate their hands with the interpretation of the mind. And, these all must be done in the blink of an eye. This greatly improves the hand-eye coordination and visual-spatial skills of players. Rapid movements enhance motor coordination in video game players. 

That’s all for the benefits of video games for kids. Just like everything else, video games are also associated with some drawbacks in addition to benefits. 

Wondering what are the drawbacks of tv video games for kids or video games online?

The Dark Side Of Video Games For Kids

Can a 11 year old play video games? Are video games good for toddlers? 

These questions must have crossed your mind. You are aware of the benefits of video games online, now get to know its drawbacks and then make a decision.

Aggression and Anger Issues in kids

It is a well-known fact that video games can be violent and competitive. Some aggressive games like Grand Theft Auto take a toll on kid’s minds. It can make them irritable, moody, and socially withdrawn. 

Addiction To Games

Video games are very tempting to play. It can keep your kids hooked for hours. In June 2018, World Health Organization officially termed a “pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior” as a gaming disorder. This addiction can further lead to a downfall in the academic performance of kids. Moreover, continuous sitting hours hinder physical activity and they may experience troubled sleeping. Continuous gaming can also lead to obesity in many cases. 

Wondering are video games good or bad? Technically, video games for kids are not black or white, they are gray. This means, they are fantastic teaching and skill developing tools but at the same time, they can be a reason for frustration and anger in your kids. It all comes down to 

How long your kids are playing video games?

And, what video games they are playing?

That’s where the role of parents comes into play. Parents should impose required rules and at the same time guide them to play wisely. Here is our parents’ guide for managing children’s gaming life.

How Parents Can Make Video Games Safe For Children?

These tips and tricks will help parents to monitor their kid’s gaming activity and set appropriate boundaries. 

  • According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, screen time of children should not be more than two hours. Parents should set up video game consoles for kids in the common area rather than in their bedrooms. In that way, they will be able to monitor their screen time.
  • Monitor what they are up to at regular intervals. You should be clear that the games they are playing are not violent or inappropriate.
  • Keep an eye on changes in their behavior. If they are showing aggressive, tired, or irritable behavior or their performance in studies is going down, then have a conversation. If needed, restrict video gaming.
  • The best way is to play together. It will not only help you to monitor their activity but also develop your parent-child relationship. 
  • Does your child play video games on a smartphone, laptop, or PC? Then the best way to keep their video gaming experience safe is to install Bit Guardian Parental Control. Bit Guardian is a mindblowing parental control that can help you to
  1. Control screen time of your kids.
  2. Block any addictive or inappropriate application or website.
  3. Monitor your child’s watch history.

The Verdict on Video Games For Kids

Video Games For Kids can be a good tool to teach life honing skills and increasing productivity only if it is done in moderation. Just like with everything, it all depends on appropriate and moderate use. And, for that parents have to make concerned and informed decisions. I would suggest let kids experience the thrilling, scary, and hilarious world of video games. But, at the same time keep an eye on them so that they do not wander at someplace they are not supposed to be.

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