Using A Smartphone While Having Kids Around Is No More A Bad Parenting

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Generally, we all assume that using a smartphone while having kids around makes us a bad parent. No matter how good or gentle parent you are, using devices around the children makes you a disengaged parent.

But recently, a new study has been published in the -Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, that can stop people from making such assumptions about your parenting skills based on your device usage.

Surprisingly, as per the studies, using a smartphone while having kids around can be associated with a warm and happy parent-child relationship.

Why Using A Smartphone In Front Of Kids Is Considered As A Bad Parenting?

Parents generally avoid using devices in front of their kids, because as per the general assumptions, kids can learn it from parents, and then they will start using it.

But many working parents need to use a cellphone frequently. How will they manage when their kids are around? As digital parents, we know that avoiding using smartphones around the kids can not be the solution.

Moreover, we understand that a child is a reflection of his parents. He unconsciously copies every action of his parents. We are already worried about teenagers’ excessive device usage. But we ignore to see that while these teens were in their early childhood they just replicate their parents and then they fall victim to addictive habits.

In such cases, parents need to control kids’ screen life with effective parental control means. That is why Bit Guardian Parental Control is very popular amongst parents. This app helps limit, protect, and monitor a child’s digital lives.

What Are The Key Findings Of The Study?

To conduct this study researchers analyzed around 3,600 parents. This is a huge sample size to get insight into any particular issue. They were asked how often they use devices, what are the purpose of using smartphones, what were kids’ reactions while parents use their devices, etc.

At the end of the research, they derived that there is a positive link between smartphone use and parent-child relationships. The real factor that affects this entire subject is the degree to which the technology intervened with family time.

In simple words, if parents stay glued to their devices and avoid kids their relationship gets hurt. But if any parent is using a smartphone along with maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with the child -the technology does not interfere between the parent-child bond.

Moreover, smartphones play various roles in family life, including the provision of social support and learning, allowing for work and digital tasks. For many parents, their devices are a big part of their social lives and how they communicate with the world, especially amid coronavirus outbreak.

What Is Your Takeaway?

Is digital technology a boon or bane for children? Well, we have a well-worn history of public controversy over the adverse effects of technologies on kids and families.

But blaming smartphones for problematic parenting or judging parents who use devices will never bring out any useful results. Parents who use smartphones without damaging their family life will never suffer any negative impact of devices.

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