Top 7 Mobile Games For Your Child’s Development During Lockdown

Top mobile games for children

Isolation in this pandemic has surged the downloading of mobile games. Even now when the conditions are improving and the world is gradually picking up the pace, staying physically away from others is important. Adults have things to do but how do children keep up with killing time? Well, by playing mobile games!

Not liking or doubting the idea?

It’s absolutely normal. It surely is a case of uncertainty that if a parent would like his/her child to spend hours digging in the smartphone or PC but given the current scenario, there is a need for parents to blur some boundaries.

People from all age groups are enjoying playing games on their digital devices. Hence, resisting or abstaining kids from playing mobile games seems to be an absurd task. The better idea is to manage what kind of mobile games they are playing. Yes in this sea of online mobile games there exists a variety of games that can actually help your child grow and exhaust its time productively.

Top Mobile Games For Child Development

How are things made?

If you wish to introduce your kids to a basic learning mobile game then this is your best bet. It has raw concepts of how things are made. This may include general objects and food items like bread or chocolates. This game introduces children to where these things come from and how they are manufactured. This is one of those mobile games that promote educational values. You can download it here.

  • Availability: iOS, Android
  • Developer: Learny Land

Samorost 3

A game that can take you to the world of exceptional amusement. This is one of those mobile games that has stunning graphics and takes you on a memorable ride in space. The concept of this game is to find the origin of a gnome in nine planets and alien worlds. Samorost 3 is a really interesting game that is adorned with lively music, mesmerizing artwork, and lots more. You can download it here.

  • Availability: iOS, Android
  • Developer: Amanita Design

Lumino City

This is basically a puzzle adventure mobile game that is recognized globally and has managed to bag numerous awards. This is not a free game but is totally worth the price at which it is offered. It has a storyline that your child will enjoy decoding. Lumino City is loaded with striking visuals and creative puzzles that are absolutely fun to solve. Your child will develop a deep interest while solving the puzzles given in this mobile game. You can download it here.    

  • Availability: iOS, Android
  • Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc.

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is a mobile game that will encourage your child to showcase its creativity. This mobile game inculcates the Augmented Reality(AR) technology. For this reason, it can be difficult to play this game sitting in one place. But the experience it has to offer is exceptional. Your child can build its own structures and collaborate with some of its friends. It is full of adventure and challenges that will keep your child hooked to it. You can download it here.  

  • Availability: iOS, Android
  • Developer: Mojang  

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

Human Heroes is a fantastic learning app through which you can teach your child about decoding time in numerous configurations like O’Clock, past and to, quarter and half. The game is adorned with high quality visuals and other learning experiences involving gravity, time travel with Einstein, and a lot more. It is a perfect bet for polishing your child’s mental and analytical abilities. This is one of those mobile games that can be played offline and includes no in-app purchases or hidden costs. You can download it here.

  • Availability: iOS, Android
  • Developer: Human Heros Ltd.


Tetris is not a new name in the category of video games. Many of the parents must have played this game during their childhood days. Now, this mobile game is witnessing development and changes and is made more fun and beautiful for these new age kids. It is a logic based game and it will tickle your child to utilize its brain to fill up the spaces in an organized manner. This mobile game comes with multiple challenges and stunning graphics. Your child can even compete with its friends without actually coming in physical contact with them. You can download it here.

  • Availability: iOS, Android
  • Developer: N3TWORK Inc.

The Bottom Line

The games listed above can help your child understand or learn a number of things in a fun manner. But excess of anything is dangerous. As a parent, you should keep this in mind and take adequate steps to save your child from the addiction of mobile games. You can choose to set limits or use parental control. If you have any ideas, queries, or doubts, write to us in the comments section below.  

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