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Top 10 Geofencing Apps To Keep Your Child Safe

Top 10 Geofencing Apps To Keep Your Child Safe

Are you a working parent?  Do you constantly worry about your mischievous kid’s whereabouts while you still need to stay in your workplaces? Have you heard about Geofencing apps?

Life nowadays has become very complicated and busy. Irrespective of one being a working or stay-at-home guardian, parenting in today’s times, is not at all an easy job for anyone. On top of that, if you are a parent to a teen, you would relate how tiring and complex it can be. After all, being a teenager is the most curious time of human life. They want to discover every bit of the unexplored world through their eyes. 

But, what about their safety and security? You cannot be available for them every millisecond. And how could we forget their phones which lure them into the hi-tech world? Fortunately, these phones and technology here work as a boon for you. By installing geofencing apps in your kid’s device you can easily track their location right from your own smartphone sitting on your own desk. 

Before beginning, let us learn, what are geofencing apps and how do they work?

All About Geofencing Apps

Want to know how you can magically track the location of your kid’s device right from your own phone? Well, that is when Geofencing comes into the picture!!

It is a tool that can effortlessly define virtual boundaries around any geographical area using the Internet, GPS (Global Positioning System), or Radiofrequency. 

Speaking about geofencing apps, they can be your go-to tool whenever you need to get updates on your kid entering or leaving a virtual fence. In simple words, by using geofencing apps, you can create a virtual boundary for your kid’s device on the map. Whenever they exit or even enter this permitted geographical boundary, you will get real-time alerts or notifications on your own smartphone. 

I am sure, by now you must have got clarity about the usefulness as well as the need for these awesome apps. But, there are tons of apps available in the market. How to choose the best one that will cater to all your needs as well as will be light on your pocket?

Below mentioned are the 10 best geofencing applications that can effortlessly track your kid’s location. Check them out!

Best Geofencing Software and Apps for Android and iOS

1. Bit Guardian Parental Control

Yeah, you heard it right. BGPC is the most effective geofencing app available that allows you to monitor your child’s location as well as establish a virtual fence around them. It has two useful features for keeping your child safe and secure:-


  • Set a safe zone by the app itself in a hassle-free manner.
  • Get real-time updates whenever your kid enters or exits their geofencing boundary.

Speed Limit:-

  • It lets you keep a tab on your kid’s driving speed and behavior.
  • Get an instant notification whenever they drive over the speed limit.

Its Panic and SOS Alert button is a cherry on top as it can instantly alert you whenever your kid is in danger.

Available for: Android and iOS

2. Kaspersky SafeKids

Originally a Parental control, Kaspersky is a very effective GPS tracker as well. This app has been standing rock-solid in the market for more than twenty years because of its excellent monitoring and tracking features.  

Kaspersky lets you choose a safe area for your children and if they step out of it, you will get instant notification alerts. 

Also, you can track not just one but all your kid’s devices they carry. Additionally, you can also monitor their battery level so you can remind them to plug in. Isn’t it great?

Available for: PC, Mac, Android tablet, Android Smartphone

3. Famisafe

Famisafe can effectively ease out your queasy nerves by keeping your children under your close observation. Using its geofence software, it can effortlessly track your kid’s real-time location. Moreover, you can also view their location history. Using this feature, you can record their pattern like which place they often visit or at what time. Famisafe also lets you choose a  safe zone for your little one and whenever they walk out of this geofence, you will get notified immediately.

Available for: Android and iOS

4. GizmoControl Family

Undoubtedly, Kids nowadays have become much more independent and smart. But, they have also become prone to some serious threats offline as well as online. GizmoControl is one such child tracking app that claims to keep your child safe by keeping them under your radar.

Available for: Android devices

5. mSpy Cell Phone Tracker

mSpy is a fantastic parental control that promises to keep your child safe by providing robust tools for tracking down your kid’s trails. You can monitor real-time location as well as view your kid’s location history using this app itself. This application claims to #1 parental control for all the obvious reasons. 

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

6. Spyic

The name says it all. In these uncertain times, it is very necessary to be on guard all the time. Spyic lets you monitor the apples of your eye when they are not in front of your eyes. This app is a robust mobile phone tracker at a very affordable price. Moreover, it is very easy to use.

Available for: Android and iOS

7. Spyzie

The mindblowing child tracking app, Spyzie can easily guard your loved ones. It is a simple and trustworthy software for keeping your kids safe by monitoring and tracking their whereabouts and providing you real-time updates.

Available for: Android and iOS

8. The TruthSpy

This Geofencing Android and iOS App exclusively focuses on detecting the location of your kids. It is a very reliable geofencing application as by using it you can easily track the location of any device. You can monitor your kid’s as well as your family member’s smartphone using your own control panel. Moreover, you can also record conversations on call on the desired device and save them to your web account to listen to later. And, not just that this app does its job in the background in an invisible way. It is truly a mind-blowing spying app. It is not only useful for parents but it is very reliable for employee monitoring or cheating spouse monitoring too. 

Available for: Android and iOS

9. I’m Here

I’m Here is a very easy-to-use geofencing tracker that can notify you when your kid reaches a particular geo zone. Using GPR technology, it can easily track the real-time steps of your kids. Additionally, you can add as many geofencing zones as you want and you will get real-time notification whenever your kid reaches a  safe zone. This app is very useful if you are a working parent and your child travels alone. As whenever they reach any desired place like school or home, you will get notified through the app. It can ease out your concern to a much greater extent., 

Available for: Android

10. Geofency Time Tracking

Last, but not least Geofency Time Tracking is probably one of the best geofencing applications created for iOS devices. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its time tracking feature. In addition to monitoring the movement in your geo zone, it can also track the time your kid spent there as well as time since they have left the pre-specified virtual fence. This can give a full record of the time spent at respective places. You can even add as many geo zones as you want in this app itself. 

Available for: iOS

Final Thoughts

In this fast pacing world, it is not easy to keep track of your kid’s activities manually.  Geofencing apps are a blessing for your concern as they can track your kid’s whereabouts and alert you before any mishap happens. Additionally, while making this list of apps we have kept in mind the overall safety of your little ones. These apps can not only keep them safe offline but also monitor their online activities and alert you about any cyber scam or online harassment your child can become a victim of. 

We suggest you download the best child monitoring app Bit Guardian Parental Control for keeping your child safe and secure by letting you monitor their location and also set the most appropriate digital exposure. 

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