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5 Effective Ways To Improve Communication With Your Child

Tips to Improve Communication With Your Child

Communication forms the base of any relationship. The parent-child conversation has a profound impact on a child’s growth and development. Good Communication tips for kids and parents are always useful to strengthen their relationship.

But, communicating with teens without shouting or yelling at them, is next to impossible these days. According to child experts, yelling is probably the worst thing. It triggers the ugly arguments that no one wants in the house. A shouting snowplow parent is the best example here that wants to tame the kid but ultimately loses the bond by yelling and nagging.

So how can parents discipline their children without yelling on them? Here we share five effective ways that improve parent-child communication and can help strengthen their bond.

Good Communication Tips For Parents And Kids

Be The Active Listener

Speaking and listening are two important aspects of communication. And unfortunately, most of us are active speakers. However, listening is perhaps more important than speaking and that’s why experts suggest it as the best communication tip for both children and parents.

Especially in the case of children, verbal and non-verbal listening is the most crucial communication tip. Non-verbal listening can be done by making eye-contacts or just by nodding the head to assure the child that he has all your attention, while he shares something.

In fact when kids realize their parents are listening to them carefully, they improve their own speech by choosing the right words to convey. A stay-at-home moms can easily be a good listener as she had enough time to listen to his child’s issues.

Restrict Distractions

Restricting distractions is the smart move to strengthen conversation. Most of the time when parents try to communicate with the kids the latter are busy listening to songs or watching TV and in most cases, they are half active on social media while paying half attention to parents’ talks.

The best communication tips for kids is to pay full attention to their parents while they are talking. When you want to share something important to your kids you must block all their distractions which in common scenarios is a smartphone.

You can use Bit Guardian Parental Control to restrict device usage or turn off the TV. Instead of nagging about increased screen time, you can use parental control software.

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Use A Calm Tone

It is not always easy to keep calm all the time. It’s nearly impossible to stay calm with super active kids while disciplining them. But it is essential to do so. And we should learn this from overprotective parents. They always use gentle words while disciplining kids. Parents are kid’s role models.

Yelling is so affectionless and using impolite voice tones breaks your love-bond with the kid. He may follow your instructions out of fear but surely he remembers the way you shout at him. Teenagers may find this type of tone and language disrespecting.

Even when you are angry with the child and you choose to use calm and assertive language kids do listen to you. They are no longer scared of your anger and are open to understanding your concerns.

Define Your Expectations Clearly

Defining your expectations clearly is the golden rule of parenting. Most of the time, parent-child clashes happen when a child misbehaves or does something which is not acceptable from a parent’s perspective.

In such circumstances, parents may use inappropriate words out of anger to control the child. As a result, the child feels sad, broken, often clueless about the parent’s yellings.

To avoid such heart-breaking incidents, parents should clearly define their expectations before the child executes certain behavior. This will let the kid know how to behave and will support you to avoid using harsh words.

Eg, If you want your child not to use a cellphone during family dinners, do instruct him beforehand. Use parental control apps for parents if needed. This way you can assure that the same arguments over limiting device usage will not repeat on the dinner table.

Agree To Disagree

Okay, this one is hard to understand and even harder to execute. But it holds the key to healthy communication with the kid. Once a kid reaches a certain age, he will start branching out and form his own views and opinions about things.

At times, he may have different opinions on something and as a parent, you should listen and calmly let him know about your disagreement. However, allowing him to follow his own views will encourage him to share everything with you without hesitation or in the fear of disagreement.

When a parent-child communication develops a comfortable bond that does not get affected by disagreements and rejections, they truly enjoy a happy relationship.

Form a habit of healthy communication in all aspects of your life and you will reap more happy and joyous relationships. Respect the child’s view and keep the communication open so he can comfortably share anything and everything with you. Good communication tips for kids can help them develop amicable human relations in the future.

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