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What Should You Know About Teenagers, Online Dating, And Texting Trauma?

Know About Teenagers, Online Dating, And Texting Trauma

Are you that parent who gives your child good dating advice? If not, start doing so! Online dating is fun, especially teens enjoy it the most but it has a darker side too. It is always better to have a go-to buddy at home that takes care of his teen’s dating issues.

Moreover, there are a few safe and popular dating apps that every parent needs to know. Discussing these platforms and having a transparent conversation with kids about the pros and cons of online dating is essential today.

How A Teenager’s Online Dating Is Not Always Only Romantic?

We all know online dating is exciting and teens enjoy it the most. Many online dating and friendship platforms offer the facility of chatting anonymously, enjoying the free video calls using different texting themes, etc. However, all these things are a curse if your teen gets trapped in the darker side of online dating.

How Teenage Online Dating Is Equally A Curse?

It is all fun until your kid is not at the negative end of it. Sometimes online dating becomes the reason for mental stress of teens. Many cases are being reported where this issue has tremendously impacted the mental health of teenagers, especially those who have been part of a toxic online relationship.

Teen Dating And Online Abuse

At the teenage, kids just start exploring romantic relationships. But sometimes online dating causes emotional stress. Kids think abuse in relationships is normal, as they face it every day.

Teen’s Online Dating And Cybercrimes

Until you meet someone in-person you never know who is handling the online dating account. There are instances where many hackers and online predators con innocent teens in the guise of a dating partner.

Moreover, they can misuse private chats, photos shared online and other confidential content. Such incidents are traumatic for teens. Every parent should protect their kids from such devastating cyber scams.

Sexting- Texting- Online Dating

Texting and dating goes hand in hand. But teens are also found indulging in sexting. Many pediophiles satisfy their fantacies through online relationships. They initiate sexting in the guise of a charming dating partner and gradually teens fall in their trap.

Teenage Online Dating Can Cause Stress And Anxiety

Online dating is merely a virtual medium to enjoy relationships, it is often seen that the real values like respect, trust and genuineness are missing in such relations. This can cause vacuum and when the initial bubble of romantic fantasies burst, both the partners feel loneliness, stress and anxiety.

How The Bit Guardian Parental Control App Can Ensure Safe Online Dating Of Teens?

Teenagers are curious and they love to indulge in various captivating online dating ideas. There are tonnes of dating and friendship apps that offer exciting features to enjoy online relationships. But not all apps are safe and child-friendly.

Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a child monitoring app that ensures kids safe digital navigation. Do you want your teens to have safe and healthy online dating? How would you identify a child-friendly dating app? Here is how the Bit Guardian Parental Control can help you.

  • It offers App Block and App Install Block features that ensure your kid always uses safe and child-friendly apps. You can anytime block inappropriate dating apps from your teen’s device.
  • With Kiosk Mode you are ensured that your kid has access to a limited number of apps that you already have approved.
  • Screen time control tools like Time Schedule and App Time Limit puts an end to excessive screen time.
A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Install and Setup Bit Guardian Parental Control app on your teen’s Android device to allow your teens safe and healthy online dating.

What Is The Best Teen Relationship Advice You Can Give?

Be Careful While Texting:

  • As a teenager, your kid may always be on phone texting to their friends or their partners. Either way, they are always texting.
  • Talk to your kids about what type of text messages are harmful to their partner. Teach them the importance of texting in a respectful tone even if it is only virtual.

Online Abusing Is As Bad As Any Other Crime:

  • This is the first thing your teen should know. It is a harmful signal if they start taking Online Abuse casually.
  • Teens Dating Online often finds themselves in the middle of verbal abusing either as a victim or as a predator.
  • Teach your teens how they can avoid it and manage their online reputation.

Be Respectful

  • Just because it is online it is not okay to disrespect someone. Teach your kids the rights and wrongs of Teenage online dating.


Dating is an important phase of a teen’s life. And parenting a teen who has just started dating is one of the most challenging parenting phases. Just keep the positivity flowing. Keep the rights and wrongs visible all the time to ensure safe, healthy, and happy online teen dating.

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