Facts No One Tells You About Stay-At-Home-Moms

Stay At Home Moms

“…So what do you do all day? Since you are a stay-at-home-mom, don’t you get bored?” Ask this to any homemaker and that lady will always remind you for your boorishness!

“These women are not career conscious”; “They are doing a great sacrifice and nurturing their kids by staying at home”; “These ladies are lazy bums, who just enjoy the comfortable home-stay“–People will never run out of opinions about such home-stay mothers.

But what are homemakers feelings about it? Are stay-at-home-moms happy? What is it’s pros and cons? Does it affect her parenting style?

Let’s dig deep on this less-explored question of parenthood, keeping in mind the pew-research center’s key findings.

Becoming A Stay At Home-Mom: Choice Or Necessity?

Statistics of stay at home mom

What made these women stay-at-home parents? Was it their choice or the necessity of the family that made them stay-at-home-mom? Let’s evaluate the facts as per the Pew-research.

  • In the case of many married stay-at-home-moms whose husbands are working, these ladies are becoming a home parent by choice.
  • While for single or cohabiting mothers the chances of becoming a stay at home mom by choice are comparatively less. They have to stay at home only when they are unable to find the job, physically disabled or they are still studying.
  • Overall it seems the increasing share of stay-at-home mothers (Apart from those who choose to be a home parent)are at home because they can not find a suitable job.

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Stay At Home Mom: The Numbers Are Increasing

  • As per the Pew research stay at home mom statistics are interesting. In 1967, 49% of women became stay-at-home mothers with a working husband.
  • The research shows in 2014, the number of stay-at-home-moms has grown.71%of moms choose to work outside the home and 29% became stay-at-home -mom. The number is up by 6%from the year 1999.

However, there are pros and cons to becoming stay-at-home-mom. And what should really matter is not the stay-at-home-mom statistics but the reason.

Therefore leaving work to become a stay-at-home-mother should not be due to peer pressure, work-load or a guilt feeling.

Challenges Of At-Home parenting

The pros and cons of stay-at-home-mom are worth acknowledging. At-home parenting brings the below-mentioned challenges.

  • You Miss Your Me-Time:You may enjoy being a stay-at-home-mother but at times you may wish you can just steal a few moments for yourself.
  • Always being there for your kid’s and house makes you exhausted and the real challenge for stay-at-home mom is getting her ‘Me-time’.At times you may wish to leave everything aside and just take a break! But then you realize at home mom is 24/7 duty! 
  • You Miss The Work Life: A stay-at-home -mom, no matter how happy she is, may miss the satisfaction of doing a job or working for her ambitious project. She may miss dressing up, bringing in the pay-cheques and having fun with her co-workers.
  • You Feel Stressed All The Time: At home, mothers are always stressed and overburdened, as she is solely responsible for everything in the house. Even if her husband shares the household chores, she feels everything is on her.
  • You Are Tied To A Fix Routine: At times you may feel you are trapped in the routine. Getting up, cooking , cleaning and raising kids is your everyday schedule. You may feel bored and out of energy repeating the same activities without getting any leaves or breaks in between!

Advantages Of Being Stay-At-Home-Mom

 The benefits of stay-at-home moms are countless. Have a look at the brighter side of at-home parenting.

  • You are always there for your child: The primary purpose of being a stay-at-home-mom is raising kids and such moms are always available for kid’s mental, physical and emotional needs. They are not busy in their cubicles, rather they are always there to support every age and stage of a child’s growth.
  • At home- parents need not worry about deadlines, targets, etc and hence they can dedicatedly raise their kids. They can witness all the firsts of the child-First word, his first step even the first time he speaks-Mumma.
  • You Are Giving Your Best: Since you are always there for your kid, you choose to give him the best. You are fully responsible for his food, his values, his safety, etc so you are determined to give nothing but the best!
  • You Are The Queen Of The House: You manage, organize, and run the house. Even if your husband works, you manage bills, you decide the budget. You are in charge of cooking, cleaning and all the household chores. That gives you the opportunity of keeping the family in schedule and leading it in the best possible ways.
  • You Feel Happy: If you are a stay-at-home-mom by choice, you enjoy every aspect of parenting. Being a mother and raising kids is your calling ,and sacrificing your job or not being able to get dressed-up is not your point of concern. You are a happy home-maker.

What Are The Impacts Of Stay-At-Home-Moms On Children?

Studies have shown that children who were supported by at-home parents at his early childhood bestow with excellent growth and development.

Here are a few key points on how stay-at-home-moms influence a child’s development.

  • Preschoolers and toddlers show high curiosity and high energy. These children are eager to explore the world as their mothers support their inquisitive nature positively.
  • School-goings are good for study and show decent manners with co-students. At-home mothers take good care of a kid’s discipline by adapting authoritative parenting skills.
  • Even if the child is home schooled he is quite brilliant in studies. At-home mothers regularly follow kid’s study schedules and help him solve the study-related questions.
  • Handling teens or youngsters may be difficult for at-home mothers. Teenagers may want cool mothers with trendy clothes and styles but sooner or later they understand the values her mothers infused in them.

At every stage of childhood, kids acknowledge mothers’ efforts and dedication. Mothers are the first source of influence for any child, especially at-home-mothers leave lifetime impressions on the child’s mental and emotional world.

Working Mom Vs. Stay At Home Moms

stay at home moms vs working moms infography

What are the major differences between these two types of mothers? How do they handle motherhood?

  • Working mom may always need to be on her toes to balance her work life and her home life. She is always overburdened and constantly trying to make everyone happy in her hectic schedule.
  • While at-home mothers are quite relaxed in terms of managing the tasks. She is at home and she can easily manage her daily chores as per the child’s schedule or her convenience.
  • Working moms may always suffer from the guilt feeling that they are not contributing enough to their child’s development. If working is necessary to feed her family, they regret the circumstances. And if it’s a mom’s decision to work, she misses spending time with her child.
  • Working moms are good with the outside world information, finances and street-smart skills. They are more realistic and practical in nature.
  • At-home mothers are excellent home-makers. They are good with nurturing skills. They are more social and amicable in nature.

Why the Majority Of At-Home Moms Want To Restart Their Work?

Despite a number of advantages of at-home parenting many women after a certain age consider going back to work. Let’s see what are the reasons for reconsidering work life?.

  • Are you an at-home mom, who after raising a five-six-year-old kid, started reconsidering the work-life?
  • Do you wish to fill the gaps by showing newly learned skills and covering up your employment gap? You are not alone! Many at-home mothers are with you at this stage.Especially those who are done with raising the kid who crossed the initial few crucial stages of childhood.
  • Mothers prefer stay-at-home-job,  their own business,or a part-time job that can re-boost their work-life qualities.
  • Moms who want to earn money also start finding jobs. However, most of the stay-home-mom find a business or work-at-home jobs more suitable, rather than the rat race of 9-5 corporate jobs.
  • Such jobs fill the pockets and offer enough time and mental peace to manage home.

Why Stay-At-Home-Moms Report Depression And Anger?

Stay-at-home-moms are our society’s well-sung heroes, but the reality is quite disappointing for these homemakers.

  • As per the recent Gallup Poll, stay-at-home-moms reported sadness, anger and depression.
  • Out of 60,000 women(women with /without children; working moms and at-home moms)surveyed, the at-home moms reported feelings of dissatisfaction and depression.
  • A few of these stay-at-home-mothers are struggling to get a job, trying to fix the depression by diverting the mind in cleaning and keeping the house perfect (Shall we  consider it as the first stage of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?,that is very prevalent in stay-at-home mothers.)
  • The low-income-stay-at-home-moms are at the highest risk of being depressed. Raising a child is very challenging while the mother is struggling with her own psychological issues.

Surprising Facts Of At-Home-Moms

  • At-home mom’s work. Yes, They do! What they do mainly depends on their socio-economic status. However, generally, women from the lower end of the spectrum do a ton of household work.
  • While the woman coming from the higher end manages the house, exercises, keeps herself fit and socializes. (Yes they are the kitties of a kitty party!)
  • How Much Salary At-home-mothers deserve?: Well, summing up all the minor and major tasks handled by them and multiplying it with the number of hours she was on duty, without even taking a day off on Sundays -it all ends up around $65,283.81 to $70,000 .It is based on the mother’s day index :2019.
  • What Is The Best Leisure For At-home Moms? Any guesses? What can be the best activity that relaxes these ladies? Well, do not bother yourself by thinking about any fancy activity names. The overburdened and stressed women choose to sleep and relax over any other activities. 
  • Usually, such moms are always exhausted and sleep-deprived. So the only leisure they enjoy is getting adequate sound sleep.

Concluding Words To Ponder Upon

The society is thankful to mothers, whether stay-at-home or a working mom. The financial status has nothing to do with mom’s magic. Cleaning, feeding, caring and nursing a child dedicatedly is just a mother’s magic and no one else can do it for the child.

However, every at-home mother should build a support network. The same-age like-minded tribe can help you relax. Include regular outings, shopping intervals with your mommy group to ease up everyday hectic schedules.

Motherhood is a blessing and mom’s love for a child is pure bliss! Avoid mommy burnout by taking much-needed breaks and make your stay-at-home-mom phase fulfilling.

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