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Safety Protocol To Protect Kids From The Dark Corners Of The Internet

Safety Protocol To Protect Kids From The Dark Corners Of The Internet

Everyone stays online for longer hours during these Coronavirus pandemic days. School closure and lockdown situations pave the way for increased online activities. However, recently child experts raise concern for kids’ online safety during these days.

Moreover, there is a profound impact of Coronavirus on the spread of cybercrimes. Globally, cyber safety experts noticed a huge rise in online scams during the last few months. Hacking, online predators, phishing, Identity theft, etc are reported frequently these days.

Lockdown And Increased Device Usage

Across the globe, the lockdown phase has become a perfect storm for online predators. There are many reasons why during the Corona crisis cyber scams have increased. To stop the spread of the pandemic, Governments declared lockdown globally. Many countries are under isolation and people are actively practicing social distancing.

As a result of it, in order to stay connected with friends and relatives, people started using various social media apps excessively. Also, school closure gave a lot of free time to kids that they spend using devices.

Moreover, online studies, remote work situations, etc also raised overall screen time. Additionally, kids use apps and games for hours to stay entertained during the lonely days of lockdown. These reasons contribute to the sudden rise of cyber scams. The more time we spend on the Internet, the more we are prone to get trapped in any digital scam.

How To Keep Kids Safe From Online Predators?

The raised screen time affects our daily routines, physical and mental health profoundly, but in the case of kids, there are many other risks attached to overactive virtual lives.

Being curious and innocent kids are likely to visit new sites, apps, and games.

A few such platforms intentionally use age-inappropriate content. Online predators also plot dubious links to hack personal information. In addition to that, predators use social media apps and online dating platforms to scam gullible kids.

To keep kids safe from such horrific consequences of active online life, parents are practicing various safety measures. Keeping kids busy in productive activities, educating some healthy online habits, making them aware of responsible online behavior are a few steps every parent can take to keep their kids safe.

One such reliable safety measure is Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is a kids’ safety app that limits, protects, and monitors kids’ online lives.

What Are The Common Digital Threats?

There are many different types of scams predators are plotting these days. It seems they are taking advantage of COVID-19 fear and plot dubious sites in the guise of informative portals.

Apart from that, there are many phishing and hacking incidents reported during this lockdown phase. Identity theft, sexting, and bullying kids are also widespread.

Moreover, the COVID-19 lockdown also raises the risk of online child abuse. Many apps, games, and web portals use third-party links, age-inappropriate content, and misleading information.

The Internet brings the world to our fingertips but as parents, we should educate our kids to use it responsibly. This is high-time we protect our kids both in real and virtual lives.

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