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Best Internet Safety Tips: Parents Can’t Afford To Miss These In 2020!

internet safety tips

Feb 11th, Safer Internet Day promotes protected and more accountable use of online technology and mobile phones across the globe. Let’s take charge of our digital well being by celebrating upcoming Safer Internet Day, Have a look at these effective internet safety tips!

Internet Safety Tips

Top internet safety tips to support Safer Internet Day 2020!

     1. Teach The Importance Of A Strong Password

  • Teach your kids the value of a strong password. (This may sound very obvious to us but children need to understand the importance of a password in the digital realm.)
  • The password is the doorway to every digital activity. Instruct children to secure their accounts with a strong password having a combination of numbers, special characters, and lower/upper case letters.
  • Tell them that they should change their secret passwords frequently and should avoid using the identical password across various accounts.
  • To ensure internet safety of your kids, you should tell them not to share their passwords with anyone. (Not even with their best buddies!)

     2. Educate them about Safe Online Habits

  • Your kids should know a stranger is a danger! They should avoid chatting to a stranger on any online platform.
  • Differentiating between real and fake profiles, unfollowing tempting yet suspicious platforms and avoiding unauthorized information can be the best safety catch!
  • Sharing-posting every event of day to day life is a trend today. If your child (especially teen)feels the same urge, explain to him the dangers associated with overactive social life.
  • Internet safety for teens can be achieved by limiting their social media usage.
  • Make your children web-wise by educating them with basic safe internet practices. They should know sharing frequent travel routes, school schedules, or dates and places of upcoming holidays may put them in danger.

     3. Limit Kids Internet Usage

  • Excessive screen time may invite various online dangers. Restrict your kid’s device usage with smart parental control means.
  • One such kid’s safety tool is Bit Guardian Parental Control. It enables parents to monitor and restrict their child’s digital activities.
  • As you cannot judge a book by its cover, you can not identify the depths of a particular app, just by its name and logo. There are apps that come with age restriction and obscene content as well. Such apps raise the curiosity of a child. Parents should protect their kids from such fishy or adult-only apps.
  • If your teen is addicted to various social media apps, set a time schedule and limit his app usage through app time limit and time schedule features.
  • Moreover, you can discard your kid’s late-night device usage with bedtime features. Unguarded late-night internet usage may lead to digital dangers.

    4. Be The Part Of Child’s Web -Affairs

  • The smartest way to ensure your child’s internet safety is by being part of his online activities.
  • In fact, as parents, you should take the initiative and introduce your child to the online world.
  • Find out some fun websites and explore them with your kid. Also, develop a positive attitude towards internet exploration so that even if he faces any trouble while surfing it alone, he shares it with you.
  • Getting monitored is something that nobody likes, not even kids. In fact, in the case of teens if you constantly monitor their activities it may ruin your relationship with him. But when you are his digital partner, you automatically share his internet life. Without even damaging your parent-child bond!

     5. Make Them Aware Of Various Online Threats

  • Making your kids aware of various online dangers can be the wisest internet safety tip for your child in today’s world.
  • While introducing them to the internet, share its advantages. But don’t miss on sharing its deadfalls!
  • Educate your child to develop safe web surfing practices. Inculcate the habit of using the internet responsibly. Emphasis should be on educating the kids on both sides of the internet. When exploring the online world becomes an informed choice, it automatically helps to cultivate safe internet usage practices into your child!

    6. Anchor Their Real-Life 

  • As a parent, you should educate your child to draw a line between real-life and virtual life.
  • Replace your worry of how to keep your child safe online with how to make your kid’s life happy and fulfilling! A plethora of activities are there to nurture their core humane values.
  • Loosen the anchor of your kid’s real-life with much more engaging social interactions and family unions. You can sign up your kids for hobby classes where he meets like-minded friends. Take them to the playgrounds and be part of his sports games. Fill his weekends with exciting games and fun activities.
  • Make his real-life pleasing and active so much so that he doesn’t crave virtual engagements!

     7. Train To Click With Caution!

  • Every handheld device including smartphones, laptops, tablets can be a medium to inject malware.
  • Cyber Hackers use emails, links, threatening messages, etc for carrying out shady activities.
  • Educate your kids not to click on any unknown link or email. Teach them to stay away from any platform that auto directs to other pages or platforms.
  • A careless click to any skeptical link/site may put him in great danger! 
  • Ensure kid’s online safety with parental control tools that monitor kid’s digital life 24/7.

    8. Use a Child Monitoring App

  • Child monitoring apps are an effective means to safeguard your child’s digital exposure.
  • Such apps monitor your child’s digital footprints and ensure internet safety for your kids. These apps act as their digital guardian.
  • Apart from this, it also restricts your kid from downloading any dubious apps and can help you to limit excessive screen time of your child.
  • Kiosk Mode enables parents to create a bespoke home screen. With this feature, you allow access to only a handful of apps that are child-friendly.

If you are serious about your digital kids then choose one of the most trusted parental control apps- Bit Guardian Parental Control. Download it today on Safer Internet Day.

Winding it up

Over the years, online technology and internet safety has evolved extensively. And with it, cyber crimes have also increased like never before!

Nothing ever goes away once it is shared online. Either it’s your mindful posting or a careless share, your digital footprints always stay online. The scenario these days is like: NO INTERNET SAFETY, KNOW PAIN!

However, with limitless knowledge and captivating content, the Internet brings the world at our fingertips. But it has a dark side too!

As adults, we understand the dangers of various cybercrimes. We are aware of the shady pitfalls of online sources and numerous digital threats.

But our kids are naive! The fascinating digital world amazes them! Teens and adolescents enjoy carefree cyber surfing and become the easy prey of online dangers.

It is time we start educating our kids about internet safety and the proper usage of technology. So why not start it with a landmark event – Safer Internet Day?

Feb 11th, Safer Internet Day promotes protected and more accountable use of online technology and mobile phones across the globe.

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with great pomp!

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