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Safe Search Kids: A Filtered Search Engine For Kids

Safe Search Kids: A Filtered Search Engine For Kids

In many ways, today’s search engines are more reliable at filtering kids appropriate websites. There are a few dedicated search platforms that are particularly devoted to providing SafeSearch for children with more robust filtering. Safe Search Kids is one of them.

Although there are many reliable filtering tools, the Internet is growing at a rapid pace and continues to pose new challenges for parents.

How to protect kids from cyber scams and how to keep the lines of conversation and education open in regards to safe internet use? Well, the best solution is using kids’ safe search platforms. Let’s explore this search engine to know how it works and how much safe it is for kids.

Everything Parents Should Know About Child-Friendly Search Engine

The new battlefront for today’s parents to navigate is online safety. The Internet is performing two different roles in our lives. At times it is a geeky research tool and simultaneously it’s a part of our everyday surfing. The search engine plays a major role in Internet safety.

Why Is A Kids’ Safe Search Engine Important?

Although search engines allow your kids to discover fun websites and necessary educational information, they are also a probable gateway to objectionable content.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a robust search engine.

Automated Filter Of Pornography

Search engines dedicated to kids’ safety have automated filters to block all pornographic websites and content.

  • The Internet is full of suspicious portals and sites that promote porn content directly or indirectly. There are many sites such as Omegle, which work as dating platforms and rely majorly on adult language and sexting.
  • Kids’ search engine blocks all the direct and indirect sources that may expose your kids to such inappropriate adult content.

Blocks All Unsuitable Content

Apart from adult content, your kid may stumble upon different questionable contents while surfing.

  • Many platforms are intentionally spreading hate-driven content. They use offensive languages on their site.
  • A few portals support gender discrimination, violence, and other social menaces through-provoking language and video content. 
  • Kids’ search engine blocks such hate-driven content and sources to allow your child safe digital exposure.

Thankful there are a number of dedicated parental control tools that not only provide kids a safe surfing environment but also take care of other aspects.

Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such dedicated kids’ safety app. It is one of the best Android app blocker apps that blocks inappropriate apps.

Apart from that, this child monitoring app helps parents to monitor, protect, and limit kids’ online life. It offers effective screen time control and is renowned as one of the best apps for teenagers.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

How Does The Safe Search Kids Function?

It is a child-friendly search engine for children powered by Google. However, it is not Google’s product. It is not directly endorsed by Google. It has a third-party affiliation with Google. It is strictly working as a third party joining in their Custom Search Engine program.

Once you set up this child-friendly search engine, it works just like any other search engine. It will provide a guarded exposure to your kids whenever he uses this engine to surf something. It will automatically filter all unsuitable content and your kid will have only child-friendly sources to visit and learn.

How To Access And Ensure Safe Search Kids Always Kept On?

Do you want to turn the Kids’ SafeSearch On? Just go to Google. Visit settings and find the link. The drop-down menu will show the option to turn on the kids’ safe search. For added search features, click Search settings in the drop-down menu.

To stop someone from deactivating the kids’ safe search feature, you will need to lock it. Follow the steps to do that.

  • Log into your Google account. If you don’t have one, create one. If you already have a Gmail address, this is the same as your Google account.
  • After logging in, go to the search bar.
  • Find out the settings button above your search results.
  • In the drop-down menu, tap on the Search Settings.
  • Tap on the link that titles – “Lock The Safe Search Kids”. 
  • This will take you to a dialogue box that asks you to click again to confirm. 
  • Click once again, to lock the Safe Search Kids.

What Are The Major Attractions Of Kids’ Search Engine?

There are many benefits to such search engines. Here are some of those:

  • Child-friendly: The fundamental advantage is the kid-friendly nature of this search engine. Other platforms cater to requirements for everyone, but they are not as good as they should be with kids. This search engine makes sure that knowledge comes with safety.
  • Visual Beauty: Kids’ search engine is visually colorful and very esthetic. There are many interactive sections and captivating images that engage kids easily.
  • Safety Combined With Fun: There are many fun-filled filters kids can use while exploring the web. Apart from that, it offers total child safety with robust filtering tools.

According to Kids’ search Engine, the best child security can be achieved by using parental control along with the kids’ search engine. So that kids do not turn it off or unblock it. Install and set up Bit Guardian Parental Control for your kids’ safety.

Concluding Notes

Education is the key to online safety for children. Apart from using Safe Search Kids, parents should educate their kids about guarded Internet practices. Kids’ search engines are your digital weapon to combat cyber scams and other digital threats. Turn it on now, along with the child safety app to give your kids safe digital exposure.

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