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Safe Browsing Rules For Google Chrome Mobile In Android

Safety tips to use Google Chrome Mobile

Are your kids a Google Chrome Mobile user?

In the last decade or so, we have seen how our phones have been converted into music players, video screens, alarm clocks, information hubs, cameras, and whatnot. Thanks to technology, we can now communicate with friends living on the other side of the world or travel the entire Universe sitting on our own couch. One aspect of technology advancement is browsing the internet on Google Chrome Mobile. Though it is bliss that we can search for anything and everything we are curious about, it also makes our phone prone to some serious threats.

Wondering how unsafe browsing can affect you and your phone?

First of all, let us see what Chrome Mobile is and how it has become an integral part of your smart devices. 

What is Google Chrome Mobile?

Though there are multiple browsers available for browsing, most people rely on Google Chrome Mobile. It comes preinstalled on many Android devices and it is designed keeping in mind easy and enjoyable browsing. Probably, that is why the first choice of Android users is the Chrome browser. But, does it really live up to the trust of its billion users?

Surprisingly, the confidentiality and security of its users are not the prime concern of Google Chrome Mobile. If you are not alert enough while browsing on it, you and your kids can interact with many potential threats. 

Let us understand these threats in detail.

Unsafe Browsing on Google Chrome Mobile and the Threats Associated

Unsafe browsing on Google Chrome Mobile can make your phone vulnerable to viruses. It gives a window to the malware to come in and affect your phone vigorously. And since your phone is your box of memories and personal information, unsafe browsing can hinder the privacy of you and your kids by making your data public. Moreover, some notorious elements can steal your ID and use it for their own benefit or even get your credit card details. 

Talking about kids, they can interact with inappropriate content, and browsing addictive sites can distract them from their studies. As a matter of fact, most of the online harassment experiences and cyber scams are also a result of unsafe browsing on Google Chrome mobile and other browsers. Needless to say, your and your kid’s mobile browsing experience should not be just efficient but also secure. Especially, you should be mindful of which content your child is interacting with. 

There are some tips you should keep in mind while letting your kids access unmonitored Google Chrome Mobile.

Ways to Make Browsing on Chrome Mobile Safer on Android

Block Websites

The foremost step you must take before letting your kids surf the web is to shut down the dangerous websites. 

You can do it in four simple steps

  • First of all, launch Google Chrome Mobile on the device you are using. You will see a sign including three dots in the upper right corner, open it.
  • After clicking on the “three dots”, a window will come and there you will see a Settings option. Open the settings, it will take you to a new screen.
  • There, choose the Advanced option and then Privacy.
  • Lastly, turn on the Safe Browsing. 

In these four simple steps, your device is good to go. Google will itself block unsafe websites in the Safe Browsing mode. 

 Block Pop-up Ads

You will agree that constant pop-up ads are annoying and unnecessarily time-consuming. But, do you know how adversely it can affect your kids? 

What if your younger kid is browsing some educational content on Google Chrome Mobile and an adult advertisement comes up?

Thankfully, Chrome Mobile has an option to block these pop-up ads too. 


  • Repeat the above steps and go to Advanced Settings.
  • Choose Site Settings under that.
  • Now, you will see the Pop-ups option. Toggle the slider to the blocked position. 

Safeguard Your and Your Device’s Identity on Google Chrome Mobile

On some websites, you will see content that is restricted using copyright. If you try to access it, they will ask to see the data of your device. In some cases, it is not a major issue. But, any time situation can turn the other way around and your precious data can get in the hands of untrusted sources. 

To protect your data, you need to 

  • Open Site settings using previous steps.
  • In it, you will see a protected content option, access it, and then toggle it to the locked position. 

Alternative content blocking options

Although these easy and quick adjustments can make the browsing experience of you and your kids much more secure and safer, you should also opt for a robust security platform for overall safe digital navigation of your kids. A robust parental control app like Bit Guardian Parental Control is a better complex solution for the overall security of your little ones. It will help you block dangerous websites and block addictive and inappropriate apps or apply time limits on them. 

Not just on Google Chrome Mobile, the overall experience of your kids on the internet should be safer. To some degree, it depends on parents how they can make the internet a safe place for kids and for themselves too. I hope this small guide has helped you to some extent to not only identify potential threats but prevent them too. Do not forget to follow these simple steps and install Bit Guardian Parental Control to ensure appropriate digital exposure for your kids. 

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