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Purchasing An Android Device? Beware Of Pre-installed Malware!

Purchasing An Android Device? Beware Of Pre-installed Malware!

Recently, a few technology researchers at security firm Malwarebytes have found that a low-cost Android smartphone, successful with different public sector schemes has unremovable malware.

What’s worse is that the malware affected smartphones, ANS (American Network Solutions) UL40 given by Virgin Mobile, has been already distributed by the US government’s Lifeline Assistance program to many low-income families.

Moreover, security experts have warned that a few new Android devices are being shipped with pre-installed unremovable malware. This is risky, especially for kids. Parents should be cautious of such devices, dubious links, in-appropriate apps, and other red flags of technology.

How Malware Can Affect Us?

The amount of harm caused by malicious software -malware will often depend on whether the malware has infected the computer or a smartphone device. Mobile malware is risky and can harm the device user in many ways.

Banking malware, ransomware, and Mobile spyware are the most dangerous malware. Mobile spyware infects your device, pushing it to download particular adware types and allowing attackers to hijack your personal information.

Moreover, excessive usage of different online sources also supports such malware to download confidential details of the user from different online sources. Today’s kids are unaware of these risks and they enjoy long screen hours. An unguarded online activity can potentially harm your child’s virtual life.

To keep your kids safe online, you should use one of the most reliable child safety apps, Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is a multifunctional app that offers diverse features. You can use it as an Android app blocker, and geofencing app. This child tracking app helps to limit, protect, and monitor your child’s digital activities.

What Is This Android Malware?

During its investigation, Malwarebytes discovered that the ANS UL40, which operates Android 7.1.1. comes infected with a jeopardized Settings app and Wireless Update app.

Moreover, the company found the Settings app was infected with Android/Trojan.Downloader.Whitby.SEK, which already existed in the device. The malware code incorporates a list of “best apps” to download from a third-party app store, which will open up the user to all the malicious downloads.

Shortly after this discovery, the safety team also found permanent malware on another Android device, the UMX U686CL phone. After studying the possible links between the two Android devices, the team realized the possible threats of this malware.

How Can You Protect Your Devices From Malware?

Whether it’s computer malware or mobile malware, to protect your gadgets from it, you must take some prior steps. Know what is malware and how to stay protected. Google it and equip yourself with all the necessary information.

Apart from that, keep your gadgets updated, use effective anti-malware tools. Follow all the necessary web practices that ensure your device’s safety.

In the case of the new Android devices, safety experts of Malwarebytes suggest that one should not buy the Android device, no matter how cheap it is.

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