UNICEF Elevates Children’s Online Rights By Endorsing The CAMRA Act

UNICEF protecting children's online rights

A few years back, UNICEF and LEGO Group became partners to support children’s rights. Last week, these institutions co-hosted a digital discussion about it, and as a result, recently, they encouraged protecting kids’ online rights by promoting the CAMRA Act.

With more than 70 million kids in the United States staying at home in this COVID-19 lockdown, screen time has increased like never before. This situation raises the risk of online child abuse and other cybercrimes. For plenty of reasons, kids use online platforms. And it is very important to protect kids’ virtual lives.

Why Parents Should Understand The Influence Of Digital Media On Children?

Our kids have easy access to digital resources and they love enjoying different online platforms. However, the increasing ratio of cybercrimes is very alarming for parents. These organizations are keen to assess how the additional hours spent online, affects kids’ overall well-being.

Moreover, protecting kids is every parents’ first duty. That is why globally parents are using parental control apps such as Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app limits kids’ screen time and allows safe digital navigation.

UNICEF Encourages More Research On Impact Of Digital Activities On Children’s Rights

“We need to understand more about children’s online experiences, including the factors that may make certain children more vulnerable and what interventions work to prevent harm,” said UNICEF’s Josianne Galea Baron.

These institutions find it extremely necessary to deepen understanding of the impact of various digital media on kids’ rights. They also urge parents to analyze how media use affects their children.

In addition to it, UNICEF USA formally endorsed the famous CAMRA Act last week. CAMRA Act studies media and its impact on kids. The Common Sense Media, LEGO Group, Microsoft, the National Parent Teacher Association, and many others supported the CAMRA Act when it was introduced in 2019.

What Do You Need To Know About The CAMRA Act?

Every reputed institution is supporting the CAMRA Act. The National Institutes of Health is promoting CAMRA members to establish a research program to analyze media and tech’s influence on the health and well-being of children of all ages.

Till this date, no such study exists and the Children And Media Research Advancement Act (CAMRA Act) will help parents to protect kids. Along with other renowned institutions, Congress also supports this act and plans below-mentioned initial steps.

  • It will build a program to promote research on the role and influence of media and technology on the growth of children and teenagers.
  • It will also fund a study that can help parents, teachers, educators, and kids.

UNICEF supports this Act to allow safe digital navigation to kids during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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