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How To Protect Your Kids With A Smartphone Tracker?

Protect Your Kids With Phone Trackers

We all know kids love various digital devices. Whether they play games, text their friends, or watch the latest viral video -they constantly use screens, leaving parents worried about their online safety. However, with phone tracker apps parents started feeling relaxed.

Anything in excess is harmful but do you think that our kids care about their excessive screen time? Smartphones affect kids’ childhood so much so that we labeled today’s kids as “smartphone generation”.

With the help of smartphone trackers, now, parents can combat excessive screen time of kids. Let’s find out how you can limit your kid’s screen addiction with kids’ safety apps.

Why Do We Need Smartphone Trackers?

Kids’ Excessive Screen Time

  • Every kid stays glued to their devices and the prolonged device usage may impact wrongly on the kid’s overall growth and development.
  • Excessive screen time may invite many health hazards. Sedentary Lifestyle, poor eye vision, lack of social life, etc can harm a kid’s real-life growth.
  • Screens are addictive. Gradually, kids may form the habit of excessive screen usage. As per the current online trend kids, smartphone indulgence may limit their mental and emotional development.

Increasing Cybercrime

  • Various cyber threats and its raising ratio is alarming. Managing digital footprints for a safe online life is inevitable now.
  • Cyberbullying, online predators, Phishing, Cyber scams, etc are new terms for kids. Make your kids well-aware of these perils.
  • Kids are innocent and curious by nature. That is why they are an easy target for any kind of scam. Children’s increased screen time unknowingly invites many digital dangers.

Applications With In-Appropriate Content

  • The root cause of device addiction is alluring apps and captivating online platforms.
  • At times kids may use certain apps that may have inappropriate content or graphics.
  • Many apps purposefully use obscene content, soft-porn graphics, and hate-driven content for cheap popularity and business. Every parent should save their kids from such indecent content.

How Smartphone Tracker Guards Kids’ Online Life?

An effective smartphone tracker acts like your kid’s guardian while he explores the digital world. Out of many kids’ safety apps, Bit Guardian Parental Control Is a comprehensive smartphone tracker app with effective features.

Let’s see how this app can protect your kid from various online threats.

Limits Child’s Screen Addiction

  • Bit Guardian can restrict a kid’s screen time with its screen time control features.
  • App Time Limit feature is a powerful tool that restricts a kid’s app addiction. Parents can set timings for various app categories such as education, games, social media, etc.
  • With a Time Schedule tool parents can put an end to kid’s excessive screen time.
  • Bedtime feature discards late-night device addiction and makes sure that kids enjoy a sound sleep.
  • These restorative features of the app can make kids learn life priorities. Protect the kid’s lifestyle and his overall growth with the smartphone tracker app.

Protect Kids’ Online Life

  • As we already saw, many digital dangers may risk a kid’s online life.
  • With a phone tracker app, parents can monitor kid’s online activities 24/7. You are well-aware of kid’s online movements even from your office. Parents can remotely track the kid’s digital life with this app.
  • Without your permission kids can not even download any new app from the Google play store. With the App Install Block you can restrict kids from installing any suspicious apps.

Allow Only Child-Friendly App And Content

  • Save your kids from all the inappropriate content that they should not come across at the tender age of childhood.
  • With this smartphone tracking app, parents can allow only a handful of apps that are child-friendly to a kid’s device.
  • Kiosk Mode enables you to give access to such limited apps.
  • App Block is a perfect disciplinary measure for your children. Block all the additive and dubious apps that can serve improper content.

Advantages Of Smartphone Tracker App

Apart from the above-mentioned protection, these are added benefits of kids’ safety apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control.

  • Now parents can choose who can contact their kid from the kid’s device contact list.
  • You can block all the suspicious incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The Panic and SOS button is a kid’s real-life safety feature. In an emergency, your kid can press the panic button, and parents will be notified immediately.
  • The anti-theft feature helps when your kid forgets his phone or his device gets lost. A parent can apply factory-reset to protect the kid’s confidential information stored in the device.
  • Geofencing and speed limit shows your kid’s real-time location and his speed.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

As a concluding word, we highly recommend this app to ensure your kid’s safe digital navigation. Children are your most valued treasure. Protect them with a smartphone tracker app.

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