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Effective Ways To Protect Your Child From Online Predators

Protect Your Child From Online Predators

With kids spending more and more time on the Internet, it becomes very challenging for parents to keep the right balance between kids’ real life and virtual life. Moreover, online predators can easily trap a curious child navigating the online world carelessly.

Across the globe, the past few months set the right storm for online predators and hackers. The schools are closed and kids spend hours on their devices. Social distancing is creating new levels of loneliness and children use various social media platforms to connect.

As a parent, in this condition, how can you protect your kids from online hazards?

To ease out your parental anxieties here we bring practical ways for childs’ online predator security.

How Can You Protect Your Kids From Online Predators?

Kids nowadays remain glued to the screens for most of the day. Most parents are unaware of their activity online and what risks it is inviting. Online predators are a real threat for kids and teenagers. And all parents should be concerned about Internet predators and how they can ensure safe Internet navigation for their kids.

What Is An Online Predator?

Online predators or Internet predators are those individuals who commit child sexual abuse through the Internet. Many adults communicate with kids through the Internet to trap them into their sugar-coated talks. Then they will try to know the kid’s weakness and trigger it to threaten them into illegal sexual activity.

Moreover, different online platforms such as chat rooms, Internet forums, Instant message-chat services, dating sites, Social networking sites, various dubious apps, video game consoles, etc are the probable places online predators use for scams and threats.

How To Protect Your Child From Online Predators With Kids’ Safety Apps?

Parental Control apps are the modern-day digital guardian that keeps kids safe from various online hazards. One of the most reliable apps is Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is easy to use and ensures safe digital navigation to your child as well as keep their online activity in check, so that you can warn your child about the potential threats. .

  • It offers App Block, App Install Block, Kiosk Mode, etc features that ensure kids use child-friendly apps and games on their devices.
  • It enables parents to monitor kids’ online activities 24/7.
  • One of the best ways it helps to keep kids safe from the Internet predators is-it offers screen time control features. These features enable parents to limit screen time on various apps on kids’ devices.
  • It is an excellent app that offers many real-time safety features such as Geofence and Speed limit, Anti-theft, Emergency, and SOS, etc.
  • In case your child is in danger, the SOS button in this app will give you instant alerts with accurate location details.

What Are The Practical Ways To Keep Kids Safe From Internet Predators?

Kids’ increased screen time and unauthorized internet access makes them prone to online predators. So apart from using child monitoring apps, here are a few effective ways to keep kids safe from Internet predators.

Let Your Kids Know Everything About Online Predators

Educate your child about online predators, how they trap kids, and how to identify any risky behavior.

  • When kids know about online predators and how they trap kids. They automatically adopt responsible online behavior.
  • Moreover, knowledge is power, if they know how Internet predators behave they are always alert while they access the Internet, and if someone acts suspicious they can immediately stop the communication.

Talk About The Dangers Of Online Dating

Online dating is almost every teen’s dream today. And that is why dating sites are the most widely used platform by predators.

  • Make your teens aware of online dating platforms and common issues related to it. Such as sexting, bullying, data breach, etc.
  • As a digital parent, it would be great if you take extra effort to know everything about teenagers, online dating, and texting trauma. Your teens should know the consequences of using chatting and friendship platforms carelessly.

Educate Responsible Social Media Behavior

After online dating sites, social media sites are the second-largest platform that predators use to plot kids and teens.

  • Social media predators thrive on teens’ urge to post almost anything and everything about themselves.
  • Educate your child to use social media responsibly. Let them know that social media predators can harm their virtual life profoundly. They should know that sharing their private details, frequent travel routes and in-appropriate snaps are risky.
  • Educate them about the fake profiles predators develop to trap your child. They should not trust someone completely without cross checking the genuinity of the person. Teach them if it is looking too good to be true , then it probably is.

Be their companion

Most kids fall into the trap of these predators because they often find the virtual world their medium of escape. 

  • Parents should be a friend of their child and encourage them to release their pent-up feelings.
  • Ask them often what is going on in their lives. Try to not judge them and give advice like a friend would. 

In that way you can take the situation in your hand before it’s too late.

Be Part Of Kids’ Safe Browsing Activities

Explain safe browsing and establish a few guidelines that help kids navigate safely in the digital world.

  • Set a few guidelines that can easily explain safe browsing and its benefits to the kids.
  • Be part of kids’ online activities. You can take the help of parental control apps for the same. This will make you aware of what your teen is up to in his virtual world.

Concluding Notes

Online predators molest thousands of kids every year. Ensure your child if anything goes wrong he can always talk to you. Let them have trust in you that they can share anything with you and you will not get mad or angry even if they broke any rule.

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