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How To Protect Your Kids From Cyber Scams

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We are living in the tech-savvy era and our kids are the most active internet users. As parents, we educate them on basic table manners, how to behave in different situations, how to cross the road safely but seeing the increasing internet scams we also need to educate them on best internet safety tips. We need to treat kid’s technology addictions as well.

These days even a toddler uses a smartphone to watch videos and teens enjoy social networking platforms like never before. But surfing various digital devices increases  possible exposure to cyber scams, which is something our kids aren’t aware of.

This is high time we need to discuss various online threats with our kids. Let’s explore what we should teach our kids to prevent internet scams.

How to ensure a kid’s online safety?

Keep An Eye On kid’s Online Friendships

Internet friendships often appear to be as real as in-person friendships. The more one interacts the more they feel connected. Teens enjoy such online chatting and dating platforms. Parents should be aware of a list of safe and popular dating apps that can provide teens with a secure platform for online friendship.

Also, educate your teen that just because his online friend sounds like a real friend, they can not be friends. Chances are these friends could be another person entirely. Save your kids from such fake profiles to prevent possible Internet scams.

Educate them about safe Internet practices

When online safety of kids is a point of concern, you can’t underestimate the prevention provided by safe internet practices.

Teach your kids a few safe and healthy internet habits that can ensure their online safety. Having a strong password for various platforms, not sharing such passwords with anyone, never disclosing frequent travel routes, personal information and financial status on different sites, etc can keep kids safe.

Make kids aware of various cyber scams

The best preventive measure parents can take for kid’s Internet safety is by making them aware of various cyber crimes occurring every day.

Your kids should know a few terms such as online predators, cyberbullies, phishing, hacking, etc. They should be well-aware that these elements can ruin their online lives.

Once kids know all these they will learn to make informed choices and next time they will never click on any dubious links, never talk to suspicious profiles. Prevent cyber scams by increasing kid’s knowledge.

Be your kid’s digital partner

Share your kid’s online life and be a part of his digital activities. This is how you can always know his online whereabouts and keep an eye on his online movements.

No matter how much you make kids aware of various cyber scams they are not going to tell everything about their virtual lives. To prevent them from various Internet scams you need to act smart. When you share his virtual life you can automatically track his moves and can safeguard him if something goes wrong.

Use Parental Control apps to keep kids safe

Using a smart parental control app to keep the kids safe online is a master technique to prevent Internet scams. An effective child monitoring app is a parent’s trusted way to ensure kids’ safety. Bit Guardian Parental Control app is one of the most reliable kids’ safety apps that works like a wonder to protect a kid’s virtual life.

A perfect way to safeguard your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

How to ensure the kid’s online safety with Bit Guardian Parental Control?

Monitor Kid’s Virtual Life

  • A sure-shot measure to prevent possible online threats is to monitor a kid’s virtual life.
  • With the Bit Guardian Parental Control app, parents can keep an eye on kid’s internet usage 24/7. They know what their kids are up to and can prevent any possible dangers at an early stage.
  • This app enables parents to observe a kid’s online movements remotely. For all the working parents this is much relaxing!

Restrict Excessive Screen life

  • The more online you stay the more you are prone to various online scams. But gullible kids will never listen to us and keep using screens all day long.
  • Their excessive screen time makes them an easy trap for possible online threats. Reducing screen time can automatically lessen the chances of any possible dangers.
  • Bit Guardian Parental Control offers brilliant screen time control features such as App time limit and a Time schedule that puts an end to kid’s craving.
  • With Kiosk Mode parents can ensure only a few safe apps in the kid’s device.

Ensure kid’s digital safety with age-appropriate apps and content

  • Many apps promote adult content, hate-driven posts, soft-porn and many more age-inappropriate content that your child should never get exposed to at this stage.
  • Prevent Internet scams that target kids through such apps. Allow your kids to access child-friendly apps only.
  • Bit Guardian Parental Control offers the App block that blocks all such shady apps and with the App install block you can restrict your kid from downloading any new application from the Play Store.

Apart from these, the app also offers features like speed tracking, SOS and emergency, Call block, anti-theft, etc. The app also gets its first place in the Top 10 Geofence app list for its geofence accuracy.

Appoint Bit Guardian Parental Control as your child’s digital guardian and protect kids from deadly digital threats. As they say, prevention is better than cure, download the app now to ensure kid’s web safety.

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