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Fun & Productive Things To Do At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

Fun Activity at Home

Many countries are under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. We are all isolated with our families for days and months. So what is your daily routine during these lockdown days? What do you like to do for fun while you are quarantined at home?

As they say, life is not fair but it can be funny! So, here we bring a list of productive and exciting things that can turn your lockdown boredom into fun family time! Put an end to kid’s excessive screen time and divert them into these fun-filled activities.

Fight The Coronavirus Fear With These Fun Things To Do At Home

Play Exciting Games With Your Family

Our routine life used to be hectic and stressful. COVID-19 quarantine gave us a chance to work from home. Grab this fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with your family. 

You can play family board games to combat Coronavirus distress and clear those clouds of boredom. Count it first in our list of fun things to do at home when bored. Gathering around the table and playing a board game with all the family members is a perfect escape from the monotonous lockdown days.

Also, you can play other games such as cards, carrom board, chess, housie, monopoly, etc. Kids also enjoy hide and seek, blocks and guess who types of games with parents during an at-home situation.

Fix COVID-19 Anxieties With Family Karaoke Night!

Now this one is a favorite fun thing to do at home, for every old-school parent. Plan a karaoke night with your family. Home concerts are always amusing.

Find out some interesting karaoke videos on youtube. Do you have the disco lights? Set up the perfect concert night feel by turning off the main lights and turn on the disco lights only! Grab your cup of coffee and have a musical evening with your family members.

Figure out who the best singer in the house is and who can break the window glasses by his ridiculous rock and pop?

Teach Yourself Something New

Google is a global university. It has free tutorials for every subject. Learn a few words of a new language, make your kids learn a new science concept. If you like cooking, try your hands on some traditional cuisine from your grandmother’s diary.

Search youtube videos on your favorite skills. Or just simply type-“productive things to do at home” and you will find tonnes of new things. Also, don’t forget to surf the largest free online encyclopedia-Wikipedia.

Enjoy A Family Movie Night!

Movies are an all-time favorite thing to do at home when we are bored. Plan a themed movie night with your family. Choose a topic, genre, director, main leads – there are many possibilities.

The sudden COVID-19 outbreak scared our kids. What every parent should do at this time is make kids well-informed about coronavirus disease and then take them all together to the new world of fairies and fantasies…make them watch some of the best Disney movies with their favorite snacks and they will cherish these family moments lifelong!

Try Your Hands On Arts And Crafts

The best fun things to do when you are coronavirus quarantined, are the ones that are easy, fun and can reconnect all the family members.

Plan a DIY project and finish it with the help of your family members. Another productive thing to do is trying some best out of waste or art and craft home decor with kids. Such projects may help your children find out their artistic side.

Best Time To Inculcate Healthy Family Habits

Make the most of this home quarantined days by cultivating some good habits in your family. A healthy and happy family requires a family rule book that keeps the harmony and discipline of the family intact.

For this, all family members should sit together and discuss where everyone individually and together as family needs to improve upon. Every family is different but here are a few things that may fit every family these days.

  1. Try to include healthier meal options in family dinner. In the case of working moms, at times things are so hectic that they grab takeaway meals for dinner. This can compromise the family’s health. However, at-home moms can always try to keep dinner healthy and nutritious.
  2. This is the best time to educate the importance of responsibilities to the kids. Share your chores with every family member. Assign the age-appropriate task to the kids. Doing this will help them become more self-reliant. You can also make your teens learn basic cooking so that they can help themselves in case of your absence.
  3. Another essential thing every parent can do is to make kids aware of the pros and cons of technology. Lockdown has increased screen-time worldwide. Not only kids but adults also use devices for hours. You can establish device-free zones in the house. Or you can permit only a few hours of the day to the devices.

You can take the help of Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app will limit kids’ screen time and also it ensures to monitor kid’s digital life.

A perfect way to safeguard your Digital Kids

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  • Anti-Theft Feature

So, that is all about a few fun things to do at home ideas. Which one is your favorite? Give your quarantine a pleasant twist by implementing these amazing activities in your lives.

#stay home #stay safe #stay cheerful!

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