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Parental Control App: Why You Need One?

Why A Parental Control App Is A Must

Do you have any idea how much a parental control app can help you?

Parenting in these digital times is no longer a cinch. The fast-growing technology presents every day a new set of challenges at parent’s disposal. As per some verified resources, sixty percent of teens admitted that they are cyberbullied once in a lifetime. When it comes to smartphone addiction, the facts are no different. Reportedly, fifty percent of teens feel the urge to check their phones innumerable times in a day. 

Apart from this, your children can be exposed to several online dangers. They can become a victim of social media scams, malicious content, identity thefts while accessing unrestricted Internet. Fortunately, there are some apps and tools that can make things much easier for you. I am talking about none other than parental control apps. 

For sure, I am here to tell you why you should have a parental control app on your child’s device.  But, before beginning, let me tell you what is a parental control app? How does parental control work? And then we will see why you need one.

What Is A Parental Control App?

A parental control app is a robust tool primarily used for giving parents control over their children’s smartphones. 

A good parental control app has a range of features to block and filter online sites and content. Using parental control, you can keep a tab on kids’ activities, limit their screen time. Not only this, but you can also monitor their browsing history and conversations. By using these features, the best parental control apps can monitor as well as restrict a person’s online as well as offline activities. Installing this robust security software is essential for navigating your child’s digital world around you and save them from online predators. Not convinced yet? After reading these other legit reasons to install the best parental control app, you will be.

Reasons To Use Parental Controls

Here are some of the reasons why you need parental control for your children. 

To make the Internet a safe space

For sure, the internet opens the door to vast opportunities for your little munchkins. But, these opportunities come with a price. Undoubtedly, your children can find a plethora of information and endless content for entertainment on the internet. But, your kid can also have a distasteful encounter with online predators and inappropriate content in the digital world. Being an aware parent, you might have warned your kids many times about internet dangers. But, there is a chance that your kid might still make mistakes willingly or unwillingly. However, using parental control software, you can continuously monitor your child. Using parental controls can assure you that your child is not interacting with anything they are not supposed to.

To monitor multiple browsers/devices effectively

Parental control software is like a system in place to act as a second set of eyes. Akin to many, your kid might also be using multiple digital devices and platforms. You can keep an eye on your child’s online activity manually on one platform. However, for multiple platforms, using parental control would be far more practical and convenient. 

To effortlessly monitor your child’s online activity

I agree, that you might be a diligent parent. But there will be times when you have to let your child use their smartphones or other digital devices even in your absence. The tool for monitoring your kids during those difficult times is in your app store. The best iOS and Android parental control apps help parents to monitor their little techie’s activities right from their own smartphones.

To safeguard your devices from viruses or malicious attacks

Undoubtedly, effective antivirus software does a great job in keeping viruses or malware at bay. Still, there is a chance that your child accidentally or willingly ignores a warning. Using parental control software, you can block unsafe and malicious websites and prevent your kid from inviting any malicious content into your family’s devices.

Parental control apps can set screen time limits

Smartphones can drive an adult to spend hours glued to a device. They become unaware of what is happening around them. Excessive screen time can harm your child more than you think. It can lead to bad posture, insomnia, eyesight problems, obesity, and much more. Parental control features can enforce suitable boundaries and help your children to use this time in constructive ways.

To teach kids cyber etiquette and defend their online reputation

You should understand that whenever your kid uploads or post something online, it stays online forever. Maybe they do not mind posting a dodgy opinion today but that doesn’t mean they won’t regret it later. Thus, besides teaching children real-world etiquette, you should also make them realize the importance of cyber etiquette. And, nothing can help you in enforcing digital rules and navigate the digital landscape more effectively than parental controls.

To track your kids’ offline steps

Being a responsible parent, you need to be aware of your child’s whereabouts to ensure their safety and security. The solution to your problem is the best parental control app for Android and iOS, Bit Guardian Parental Control. BGPC is an effective GPS tracker as it can provide you with the real-time location of your child. It creates a virtual fence and restricts your kid from going somewhere they are not supposed to be. 

Your children are old enough to surpass your tech knowledge, but not wise enough to know the dangers ahead

Nowadays, there are so many resources available online. Your tech-savvy kids can easily discover how to surpass the device and browser’s native parental control settings. However, effective paid and free control apps can restrict your child’s activity strictly. They can be on the lookout for your children even when you can’t be.

Final Thoughts on Parental Control Apps

Being a parent is not a cakewalk. You have this huge job of giving your children the space to grow. At the same time, you need to keep them safe and secure. With growing advancement in technology, parental control apps are no longer an option, it has become a necessity. Add them to their arsenal now and teach your kids the importance of safety and security when they are busy exploring the real and online world. 

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