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Panda Parenting: A Key To Raise Independent Child

panda parenting

Have you ever heard of Panda parenting- the buzz phrase of today’s parenting world? What I exactly remember is about the Authoritative parenting style, which used to trend a few months back. And now everyone is talking about Panda Parents!

As a parent, it is quite difficult to stay informed about all the latest parenting trends. However, while navigating your way through such parenting techniques, you should remember that what fits for you and your child is the only right technique.

Here Is What You Should Know About Panda Parenting

You might be thinking what does the word “Panda” mean in this style? Well, in the list of ever-expanding parenting methods, the animal kingdom has made its entry in the name of Panda parenting. Let’s explore this spirit-animal based modern parenting approach.

What Is Panda Parenting?

There has been an epidemic of helicopter parents and overprotected kids. Helicopter parents hover around kids’ lives to clear their path. They constantly try to minimize risks, disappointments, and failures that may come to kids’ life.

While Panda parenting is a relaxed approach wherein, kids lead the life and parents just guide only when the necessity arises. Panda parenting is all about giving kids the freedom, age-appropriate responsibility, and the much-needed lead role in their own lives.

How Does Panda Parenting Work?

The basic ideology behind this style is being an involved parent that applies the right combination of hard and soft parenting techniques to raise the child.

Moreover, it is very much similar to the gentle parenting approach. Panda parents gently guide their little ones in every life crisis. Their disciplinary measures are solution-oriented and lenient.

Another key trait of this parenting approach is freedom. These parents always give their kids the freedom to do things their own way. And believes that in this journey of doing things by themselves kids learn a lot.

Panda parents are kind and compassionate. They always nurture kids with high moral values. Also, they let kids experiment with their lives and promote them with the freedom to find things out the hard way, but they will step in when necessary.

How To Be A Panda Parent?

A Panda parent raises confident and curious individuals who are self-sufficient. Do you want to be a Panda parent? Apply the below-mentioned techniques in your daily life to make your kids self-reliant and successful.

Maintain The Balance

The central idea of this parenting style is to give your kids the freedom to make their own decisions. But this does not mean that you have to let them do whatever they want to.

  • The trick here is to maintain the balance between supporting their decision-making abilities and exercising age-appropriate rules at the same time. You can frame some ground rules around their study, meals, playtime, and screen time.
  • Additionally, you can use smart disciplinary tools such as Bit Guardian Parental Control to limit their screen time. Instead of punishing them for excessive screen usage, you can smartly protect, limit, and restrict their virtual lives with this kids’ safety app.
  • It is one of the best parenting apps of 2020 that offers many effective features to control kids’ screen life and allows only child-friendly apps on their devices.

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Let Them Make Their Own Decisions

It is very much important to let your kids make their own decisions in age-appropriate circumstances.

  • Allowing the kids to decide a few things of their own helps to install a sense of responsibility.  
  • With this, you can make your kids learn that they are responsible for their decisions and all the consequences those choices may bring.
  • However, it does not mean to give them complete independence. You must always help kids when they get stuck.

Compassion And Support Are Fundamental Qualities

Kids are bound to make mistakes when parents let them make their own decisions. They may also face problems and failures. And that is why you have to stay calm and kind.

  • When parents show consistent support and faith in kids, it helps the child to use his knowledge and resources more effectively.
  • Children start thinking out of the box when they are independent and know that their parents trust them completely.

Concluding Notes

Instead of always controlling or supervising children, you should trust them with the freedom of decision making and kindness to forgive their mistakes. That’s the secret of Panda parenting!

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