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OnlyFans- What Parents Need To Know

OnlyFans- What parents should know!

Children love social media platforms and OnlyFans is no different. Although OnlyFans has been in existence since 2016, it gained popularity during the time of pandemic and lockdown. Surprisingly, this platform has gone up from seventeen million users in 2019 to more than 120 million users in 2021. From content creators to celebrities, everyone is using it. 

You must be thinking about what is OnlyFans and how this underdog platform gained so much popularity. Let’s find out!

What is OnlyFans?

First of all, let me be clear that OnlyFans is not an application, it is a social network. This is a platform to promote artists, fitness trainers, models, and public figures as it helps them to connect with their fan following. Moreover, unlike Instagram and Facebook, this platform asks for a paid subscription. Some functionalities like subscribing or watching basic posts are free but for premium posts, you need to pay up to 250 dollars a month. It was founded by Tim Stokely and it witnessed a whopping 75 percent growth during the global lockdown.

The prime reason was income of some content creators and Z list artists were halted during the pandemic. So, they took the help of OnlyFans to monetize their profession. 

Additionally, there are very flexible restrictions on nudity and adult content on this platform. Thus, many sex workers and adult stars consider it as a savior to reach a greater fan base. 

Is your teenager using OnlyFans? Wondering, Why?

Why Are Teens Loving It?

The reason teens are loving this adult social media platform is:-

Curiosity– Some teens are here, just because they are curious. Celebrities and social media influencers are promoting their OnlyFans profile on their other popular social media handles. This is driving adolescents to visit this platform. 

To earn some money on their own– Many young stars with a large fan following are making a good amount of money by sharing their photos and videos on OnlyFans. This is driving teens too to make money on their own. Little did they know that only a negligible percent of users can actually make a large sum of money. 

Forbidden content– Teens love doing things which they are not allowed to do. They are enjoying accessing content that can’t be seen anywhere that easily. Additionally, some teens are considering it a chance to attach to something which has an adult reputation. 

It is completely natural for teens and tweens to get attracted to a platform that lets them watch sexual content. Since we are talking about teens, you must be wondering what the age rating of OnlyFans is.

Age Rating

That’s not saying much, OnlyFans is a platform with X-rated content. Thus, it is neither available on Google Play Store nor on App Store. 

And, in OnlyFans’ user policy, it is specified that only 18 years or above can become a member of this platform.

Although they ask for a selfie in addition to a photo ID and residential address, the whole process has many loopholes. Allegedly teenagers are easily bypassing these restrictions by submitting someone else’s ID proof. In some cases, teenagers themselves admitted that they borrowed their adult friend’s ID. Their looks are not even close to their friends but have been using this platform for months. 

Should Teens Be Allowed To Use OnlyFans?

In straight words, NO. There is too much adult content and risks involved. And, any site which promotes pornography or nudity can not at all be safe for teens or tweens. Not just watching adult content, they may choose to sell their inappropriate pictures to earn some money. 

Additionally, even if your teens are not interacting with adult content, they are getting influenced by the unrealistic world of social media. Their favorite influencers who pretend to be their friends and idols are here just for money. They are influencing teens to extend their support monetarily as well as emotionally. They are promoting subscription clubs as their “Familia club” or “Die-hard fans club”. Teens may become obsessed with these influencers. 

In any case, teens, tweens, or kids should not be present on these platforms. You can make sure of this by reading our small precautionary guide.

What Can Parents Do?

Needless to say, your kid will try to visit OnlyFans out of curiosity. You can prevent them to access this site by taking these easy actions:-

Communicate Transparently

It is shocking how people underestimate the importance of simple conversation. Your kid should be comfortable enough to discuss anything with you. Ask them why they want to use OnlyFans and suggest alternatives. For example, if they want updates about any favorite celebrity, encourage them to follow on child-friendly platforms. Also, communicate with them about the dangers associated with pornography and why they shouldn’t watch or be a part of it. You should also discuss how OnlyFans can affect their online privacy and why they should care about it. 

Install Parental Controls 

This might be your one-stop solution for preventing your kid from accessing OnlyFans or any inappropriate platform. The In-built parental controls of the phone are not enough. Use third-party independent parental controls such as Bit Guardian Parental Control. It will help you to

  • Apply filters on your kid’s laptop and smartphones.
  • Keep an eye on their browsing and downloading history.
  • Monitor their conversation and you will know if there is any red flag. 
  • Block OnlyFans and other websites which are inappropriate for your kids. 

I would like to add that don’t be afraid to become a helicopter parent. You are not being strict, you are being cautious. 

Final Thoughts

It is completely normal for your kid to get attracted to OnlyFans because of the variety of content available. But, it’s not at all normal to bypass age restrictions and use a network that is a hub of inappropriate content. Try to keep your kids away from these dangerous platforms. Use legitimate parental controls like Bit Guardian Parental Control to ease your work. When you are keeping your teens away from these dangerous platforms, you are keeping them secure.

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