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5 Online Privacy Tips Parents Need To Educate Kids On

Online Privacy Tips Parents Need To Educate Kids On

In the virtual world, the only real thing is fakeness. We all know this but unfortunately, our kids don’t. When kids start their virtual life, unknowingly they may share personal information, photos, etc to a stranger and we saw many instances of how online predators then misuse these things.

Moreover, today’s kids are tech-savvy. A ten-year-old child now knows more about various gadgets than adults do. That means we have to be extra observant about kids’ online activities and ensure their safe digital navigation.

Why Parents Should Care About Kids’ Online Privacy?

If parents know the facts of cybercrimes, online predators, identity thieves, and data miners they would probably lock up the internet and throw away the key. These are a few scary things that can happen if your kids’ personal information gets leaked.

  • Kids Can Be Spied On– Many hackers especially target children because they give clean credit histories and unused Social Security numbers that hackers can use for identity theft.
  • Bullies Can Hurt Your Kid– Imagine a selfie with a location tag that says,’ Had a boring day, looking for something fun to do’. We all see such posts of kids on social sites. Isn’t it an open invitation to a bully that can harm a kid? (Quick privacy tip– Turn off location sharing setting. It stops revealing kids’ actual location.)
  • Your Child Can be Humiliated– Anyone with cruel intentions can humiliate your child. The online world is full of predators and pedophiles.

Apart from these, several scary reasons may put your child in threat if his personal information is not well-protected.

So, here we share 5 tips to help you narrow down the risks to your children’s personal information while enabling them to make the most of their time online.

5 Quick Online Privacy Tips For Parents

Fast developing technologies make it difficult for parents to guard their children’s online privacy. Here are 5 quick privacy tips to keep your kids digitally safe.

Protect Personal Information With A Strong Password

Educate your kids that all their online information is better protected if they use a strong password. Kids must use different passwords for different websites, accounts, and gadgets.

  • Encourage kids to keep a strong password(eight characters or more and a mixture of letters and/or numbers). If they can not remember their passwords, they can write it down offline to protect all their private information. They should keep it secret, secure and if possible in a locked place.

Change The ‘Privacy Settings’ To Secure Kids’ Private Information

Social media and smartphones affect our kids the most. Once anything is shared on these virtual platforms, it stays there forever. Sharing personal information on social media sites means inviting risks. However, almost all social networking sites have extended privacy options that children should master before posting anything.

  • Sit down with your kid and review the privacy policy of all the social sites your child is using frequently. The smartest online privacy tip is to modify the privacy settings of kids’ accounts to ‘friends only’ to ensure their online safety.

Talk To Your Kids- The Best Online Privacy Tip

As parents, it’s essential to know the online platforms your kid frequently access and the devices they use to go online. It helps you to understand the nature of private information kids may share.

  • Talk to your kids and be in touch with their online activities. To ensure the safety of kids’ personal information keep up with what they are up to and what are their virtual interests.

Teach Your Kids The Value Of Personal Information

Your kids should be well aware that many companies and people want their private information for marketing purposes. The market is booming with new technologies and exciting latest software or apps but these things often come at the cost of private information of the user.

  • Educate your kids that every time he downloads a new app or plays a game, he should read the personal information that the platform is asking to submit.

Educate To Think Twice Before Sharing Anything

Today’s kids, especially teens, use social sites crazily. It takes hardly a few seconds to snap a smart photo and post it to the social media platform. It’s even easier to re-share or comment on any post. But it’s impossible to delete or remove anything from the online world. That’s why it is so important for kids to think twice about every personal information they post online.

  • Teach your children that they should only post things that they would be okay with the entire world seeing.

Concluding Notes

Gone are the days when you yell at your kid and he will stop using devices. Now parents need a pro-tip to secure their kids’ online lives 24/7.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

So, as a bonus tip here we recommend using Bit Guardian Parental Control one of the most reliable kids’ safety apps. Teach your kids how they can secure their personal information with these steps and encourage safe digital navigation with smart parental control apps.

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