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Online Games And Sites That Are Safe For Children To Use

Online games which are safe for your children

As a conscious parent, you must have thought at least once that are there any online games which are safe for your kid to play? Or what are the websites you can trust with your child?

After all, one or another each one exhibits any security threat . Either they are not age inappropriate or they collect private data of users. 

In this blog we have compiled a list of those online games and sites which are safe for your kids. Moreover, we will also tell you what you should look out for in a website if you let your children use it.

How To Evaluate Online Games or Sites?

No matter if the website is free or paid, you must first ensure that it is safe for you little one. Here are the things you need to watch out for while evaluating an online game or any website for your child.

  • Owner of this website – A children friendly brand will provide more robust security for kids than any other. 
  • Privacy policy of the website- Thoroughly read the privacy policy and if it is collecting more data than then requirement then please avoid it. Because digital footprint is a real thing. Also, find out what their policy is for dealing with any misconduct.
  • Features included in online games or site- Particularly, monitor the chat box. That’s where the real danger lies.
  • Tool for Abuse- You need to find out how easy or difficult it is to shut off any unhealthy element or report it to the support center.
  • Are there any in app purchases or pay to win criteria- Needless to say that it can take the advantage of vulnerability of your kid. 
  • Age Rating- If the online game is also available in the app store or play store, then they must have mentioned the content rating. 
  • Internal links- Watch out if the website or online game is leading its users to any unsolicited platform that is tracking their movements or is not appropriate for your kid. 

Now, you must be aware of how you can evaluate the website on your own. To ease your work, we have made a list of online games and sites which do it right.

Online Games And Sites You Can Trust With Your Children

Yes, we agree that the internet is not a perfectly safe space for children. But, there are some sites and online games which have made some real efforts to cater the needs of kids. Below are some sites that keep in mind the tender age of children.

1. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a popular online game which is associated with World of Warcraft. It is safe as well as free to play. The game is violence free and it includes cutesy animations which attract kids. 

Suitable for- 7 years+

2. Togetherville

Togetherville is a “made for kids” social network.  What makes it unique is that it gives parents the authority to decide with whom their kid can connect and play. It lets your little one engage and play various games with their friends or family, watch age appropriate and educational videos and showcase their artistic side. 

Suitable for- Kids under 10 years

3. Ticket To Ride

Popular board game Ticket To Ride can also be played online. It is one of the most exciting online games and is ideal for game nights or family get-togethers. This harmless game guides kids how to plan and strategize effectively.

Suitable for- Kids above 6 years

4. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch  has designed its online gaming spaces to cater the needs of kids. It includes a variety of online games like Splatoon, Animal Crossing, New Horizons and Super Smash Bros. This one is not free to use. Its membership plan starts from $ 3.99 for monthly membership but it is worth the amount.

Suitable for- Kids aged between 3 to 7

5. National Geographic Kids

This award winning website provides fun as well as informative content to the kids to foster their creativity and enhance their learning. National Geographic Kids is a fantastic website and it clearly mentions its children’s online privacy policy. Needless to say, it shows the genuineness of this website. It includes blogs, videos and mind blowing photographs based on animals. 

Suitable for- Kids aged between 7 to 13

6. Disney LOL

Popular and trusted company Disney is the owner of an online gaming site named Disney LOL which lets kids play many interesting games like Gravity Falls, Star Wars and Once upon a pair. It even includes cute digital color books for kids to fill the drawings of their favourite character with colors of their choice. 

Final Thoughts 

While these online games and websites are kid friendly, you must first self evaluate your child’s  resilience and then only let them use it. Moreover, unrestricted internet as well as smartphones can let your kid wander to any undesirable source and interact with inappropriate content or unhealthy elements. I recommend you to first install Bit Guardian Parental Control in your and your kid’s device and then only let them use these websites. It is very important for parents to monitor kids’ online activities for their safe digital navigation.

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