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5 Online Current Trends Every Parent Should Know About

Online Current Trends Every Parent Should Know

Raising kids is an inherently challenging job. Now, in the era of the Internet, parents are raising digital kids. And for that, we as parents need to prepare ourselves technically. We need to update ourselves with the latest online trends.

Keeping up with the current online trends is necessary these days. The digital world keeps changing every day. To keep kids safe and well-informed in this virtual world, parents need to know what is trending in 2020!

5 Must-Know Online Trends Of 2020 Parents And Kids Should Talk Over

Teen Dating Apps: Latest Online Teen Trend

The latest Online teen trend of 2020 is digital dating apps. Dating apps are popular for the last two-three years but of late, the Internet started flooding with many new and exciting dating apps/websites.

Online dating apps offer an anonymous one-on-one chat platform that raises the curiosity of teens. However, the incognito mode paves the way for many cybercrimes. Ever heard about Omegle? Initial it was a teen-famous online dating app. But lately,  Omegle became a notorious virtual place for inappropriate activities.

Are you the parent of a teen child? The teen dating apps are the latest trends every parent-child should talk over. Parents should also know a list of popular teen dating apps that are safe for their kids.

Parental Control App: Parent’s Tech Partner In 2020

What’s trending in the Parenting world? Well, seeing the increased screen time all over the world, parents have started using various parental control apps these days.

A dedicated child monitoring app like Bit Guardian Parental Control is one of the most reliable and effective apps. Let’s quickly check out its features that are making headlines in current online trends that every parent and kid should know about.

  • Effective Screen Time control Tools: App Time Limit, App Time Schedule, and Kiosk Mode are brilliant screen time control features that effectively limit kids’ excessive device usage.
  • With App Block and App Install Block features, parents are rest assured that their kids are accessing child-friendly apps and contents.
  • It’s Geofence and Speed Limit are the parents’ most trusted features that let them know their kids’ whereabouts accurately.
  • Panic and SOS buttons take care of kids’ safety even in real life.

To give your kids sheltered digital exposure and to manage their tech time in 2020 you should install this app now!

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Trending Music Game: Beat Snakes 3D Snake Game

Children love to play video games. A music game with a captivating concept keeps kids engaged. The latest music game parent-kid must know about is Beat Snakes.

  • It is free to play, and a child-friendly music game.
  • Kids can enjoy simple swipe controls with breathtaking 3D visual effects.
  • It offers 30 + upbeat game with fantastic music.
  • Children can break their own high scores and even challenge their friends to play.
  • A simple and user-friendly game with challenging twists and gaming modes.

In case, you are a parent of a young kid who wants your company even while he plays, you should try family board games. In the current lockdown situation parents also prefer these games to reconnect with their family.

Latest News: Trending Quarantine Schedule

Seeing the current COVID-19 outbreak, the latest update in the news segment is a quarantine schedule for kids. The outside situation is uncertain and full of fear for kids and parents.

That’s why a few websites and child experts started calming down the quarantine effects by planning a schedule for lockdown days. While we talk about online trends parents and kids should discuss together, we must include the rising popularity of well-planned quarantine schedules different websites are offering nowadays.

Transform your lazy stay-at-home days with a productive schedule that can keep your kids engaged during this pandemic situation.

Latest Study: Managing Digital Footprints

The current research in the digital parenting world is –how children can manage their digital footprints to keep their online lives safe and happy. Seeing the increased usage of various devices in today’s time this is a much-needed analysis.

It is one of the most significant and recent online study parents and children must know about. Nowadays, a kid’s virtual life is as important as real life. And managing digital footprints help them maintain a clean online image.

So, these are a few aspects of the online trends. Every segment has its own latest stories, however, keeping in mind the current global trend of excessive screen time, we highly suggest using the Parental Control App.

Your kids are your most valued treasure and when they explore the digital world carelessly they invite digital dangers. Keep yourself updated about what’s trending in the online world. So you can guard your child’s virtual lives.

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