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Importance Of Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities

Monitoring Your Child's Online Activities

With the massive popularity of various social media sites, increasing usage of digital devices, and easy access to the Internet, it is so difficult to track your child’s digital activities. Smart teenagers also use an online private browser to hide their activities.

Should we monitor our kids’ electronic devices? Definitely yes. As parents, you must be aware of your kids’ activities, whether online or offline. Let’s understand private browsing and why we need to monitor our child?

What Is Online Private Browsing?

This digital generation uses many means to hide their online activities. Incognito Mode or online private browsing is one of the most commonly used ways that allow users to hide their surfing activities.

Some web browsers have the feature of private browsing. When users operate in such a mode, the browser automatically creates a temporary session, which is isolated from the main browsing sessions and its data.

In such mode, the user’s browsing history is not saved. All the cookies also get automatically cleared when the session is closed. This mode can be used when you want to surf something privately and want to cover all your surfing tracks.

Just imagine, kids using this mode to surf something online. Isn’t it shocking that at this age they have some activities to keep out of our sight and they exactly know how to do it!

How Bit Guardian Parental Control App Helps?

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a brilliant child monitoring app that helps parents to monitor kids’ digital lives. Here are some of the most useful features of this app.

  • With this app, parents can monitor their kids’ digital activities 24/7 even from remotely.
  • Parents get detailed reports of kids’ activities.
  • Screen time control features help limit kids’ screen time.
  • App Block, App Install Block ensures kids use child-friendly apps in their devices.
  • This app offers GPS, Geofence, Call Blocker, Anti Theft and many more other useful features.
A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Use the Bit Guardian Parental Control app to monitor your kids’ online activities anytime anywhere!

Why Should Parents Monitor Child’s Online Activities?

Monitoring your child’s digital moves is not an invasion of privacy, rather it is a preventive measure. Here is why you should monitor your kids’ online activities.

  • Online Predators – Child predators find innocent kids online and develop friendships with them. You won’t know if one has been chatting to your kid unless you’re monitoring!
  • Cyberbullying – Many kids suffer emotional distress of cyberbullying but can not tell their parents. Overseeing a child’s activities can help you rescue your child.
  • In-appropriate Apps – Not all apps are child-friendly. As parents, you need to monitor your child to check out whether they are using age-appropriate apps or not.
  • Sexting – Kids may think it’s cool to share photos online, but strangers are always ready to start sexting with your kids. Watching their social media posts can save them from unwanted sexting incidents.
  • Identity Theft – Kids are prone to share too much information. Anyone can easily steal your kids’ identity to do some fraud.
  • Malware And Viruses – Kids don’t know how to evaluate the trustworthiness of a site or any app. They can accidentally infect the device. Monitoring can avoid such incidents.

How To Monitor Your Child Without Invading On His Privacy?

No one likes to be monitored. Even if it’s a child, he will not appreciate that as parents you oversee his every online step. In fact, they may think that you don’t trust them and that’s why you are spying.

So, it can end up as a deal-breaker and your relationship with your child can be ruined by it. Here we share some effective tips that will help you to monitor your child without losing the bond of trust.

  • Improve Your Communication With Your child As they say communication is the key. Develop a transparent and open communication with your kid so he can trust you and understand your monitoring.
  • Give Them the Reason – Let your kids know that the purpose of monitoring is not to spy them but to protect them from any possible hazards.
  • Be Their Digital Partner – Another smart way to oversee kids’ online moves is- following them on every social media platform, being their digital buddy, playing games with them. This indirectly lets you know what is happening in his virtual world.
  • Be A Pro-Parent – Learn various digital things, like privacy settings and rules, different browsing platforms, how to cover surfing tracks, how to trace Incognito mode surfing etc. This empowers you technically to track kids’ online activities.

Concluding Notes

With developing digitization, parents need to improve their safety standards. Now with the real world, there is a virtual world also, wherein we need to protect our kids.

That is why child monitoring is inevitably essential. If kids can cover their surfing tracks, we parents must learn to monitor them smartly!

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