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Should We Monitor Our Kids’ Electronic Devices?

Should We Monitor Our Kids' Electronic Devices

Have you ever checked on your Kids’ Electronic Devices? Have you ever searched for your teens’ browsing history? If your answer is Yes, we suggest you to continue doing that.

You don’t need to worry about your child’s tech-usage up to a certain age and maturity. But once he starts exploring the digital world freely, you need to oversee kids’ virtual activities, to protect them from online hazards. Monitoring your teen is a protective measure rather than a restrictive means.

How Can You Monitor Kids Online Lives Without Intervening In Their Privacy?

Monitoring kids’ virtual lives is very essential to keep them protected. However, no one likes constant monitoring. So parents need to balance kids’ trust and safety with smart techniques.

Why Is It Necessary To Check On Your Kids Electronics?

The virtual world has brought everyone closed by providing a common platform. Almost every kid nowadays wants to have their own electronic devices. And with electronic devices, the online risks are waiting to jump in.

Keeping an eye on your Kids electronic device is a good idea because,

  • It keeps you informed about what your child is watching online.
  • It makes you aware of their social media surroundings and habits.
  • It helps you to be their support system in case something goes wrong. It is easier for your child to share any problem if you already know his web-activities.
  • It becomes the source of information to decide their screen time and content permissions.
  • Overseeing a kid’s device usage can be very helpful to save them from cybercrimes.

How Parental Control Apps Guarantee Teen’s Online Safety With Monitoring?

There are a lot of applications available online that can help you achieve a child’s safety. Teen monitoring apps or parental control apps are the most widespread means to control and observe teen’s online life.

One of the best child monitoring apps is the Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app offers a brilliant feature to limit, restrict, and monitor kids’ virtual lives.

  • Screen time control tools such as App Time Limit and Time Schedule discard extensive device usage. It limits teen’s social media usage effectively.
  • App Block and App Install Block features ensure that kids do not get addicted to any app by using it excessively. Kiosk mode and App Install Block guarantees that kids use only child-friendly apps.
  • With the Call Block feature you can block unwanted spam calls.
A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Apart from these, many more useful functions ensure teen’s online safety by monitoring and restricting him with the Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

What Are The Important Areas For Teen Monitoring?

Teens are curious about technology and new sites and apps. In order to keep them safe you need to educate them on online privacy tips. Apart from that, oversee below-mentioned things to keep them safe.

  • The first area in Teen Monitoring is undoubtedly mobile phones. While giving phones to your teens you must check all of its features.
  • Monitor your teens’ browsing history to observe the type of content they see.
  • Keep an eye on their social media accounts. It is very essential to know all the harmful yet trendy social media craze.
  • Control the app permissions and block the apps from the store that you don’t want on their devices. Use App Install Block feature of the Bit Guardian Parental Control app.
  • Check which games he is playing. Some games also have in-appropriate content and hate-driven messages.

What Are The Impacts Of Monitoring on Kids?

Your kid might not like it, if he gets to know that he is being monitored. We suggest a more transparent approach to this technique. It is healthier to discuss these terms before allowing them the use of devices.

Tell them as their parents you are doing it to protect them. You have the right to know what they are watching. Make them understand that you are monitoring them for their own safety.

Apart from this, you can also give them hopes for revising content permissions from time to time. You should gradually allow your kid certain permissions rather than allowing all of it at one go. Afterall monitoring a 14-year-old teen and a 17-year-old teen would be totally different.

Conclusion: Balancing Between Teen Monitoring And Their Freedom

If there is ever a one-word conclusion to the dilemma of teen monitoring and not intervening their freedom – the right answer is always Balance!

Make sure that the kid doesn’t feel this as a restriction and find ways to overpass the security measures. Be their buddy in case they wish to know more about certain restrictions and permissions.

And most importantly talk to them about how important it is for you as parents to monitor kid’s electronics usage and keep them safe. We are sure they will listen!

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