Millions Of Children Are Missing Out On Pre-School Education Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Children Are Missing Out On Pre-school Education Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

UNICEF in one of its recent press conferences, has revealed how the Coronavirus pandemic worsens the educational crisis. Mainly, for kids in early childhood. As per the report, more than 40 million children across the globe are missing their education in the critical pre-school years.

It seems the COVID-19 pandemic punishes kids in many hidden ways. Also, It contributes to increased screen time and cyber scams. This situation harms early childhood development by affecting pre-school education adversely.

What Is The Need For Childhood Development Research?

Childcare is very essential in these critical days. Providing kids with essential services, affection, nutritious food, protection, and integrated services is important. It helps them develop socially and emotionally.

But with school-closure, kids are stuck at home. Education disruption due to COVID-19 is a serious problem. Moreover, globally, child experts have raised concern for kids’ mental and emotional health crisis during this pandemic. Not only the education, but, sports, social interaction with friends, and a daily schedule are being missed by kids.

Additionally, kids have plenty of free time these days. Due to social isolation, they can not go outside to play or to meet their friends. So, the only source of entertainment is devices. That’s why globally, kids’ screen time has increased massively. Also, there are frequent cyber scams incidents that worry parents the most.

However, to keep kids secure online, parents are increasingly using Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is a child monitoring app that lets parents monitor kids’ online life. It also offers effective screen time control features.

What Are The Key Findings Of The Research?

Childcare in a global crisis: The impact of COVID-19 on work and family life is detailed research initiated by UNICEF. Additionally, the sole aim of the research is to get insights into early childhood education globally. Also, it includes the analysis of the impact of Coronavirus pandemic on childcare and family life.

According to the report, around 40 million-plus kids across the globe, are missing their education in their preschool years. Early adolescence education creates a base.  And on that various aspects of kids’ growth relies. Due to this pandemic, the foundation is under serious threat.

Moreover, the research reveals that due to this crisis, parents are constantly struggling. To balance childcare and other life-essential issues is difficult. Mostly, the burden is placed on the women. women comparatively spend three times longer on housework child care and other chores than men.

As per the report, out of 166 countries, less than half of them give tuition-free pre-primary programs.

What Are UNICEF’s Suggested Policies?

Seeing the outcomes of research, UNICEF suggests a few guidelines. Ease out parenting during the Coronavirus outbreak with these policies.

  • UNICEF suggests paid parental leaves so there can not be any gap between the end of parental leaves and affordable childcare.
  • It promotes companies to assign flexible work assignments that can relax working parents and they can give time to children.
  • UNICEF advocates investments in the non-family childcare workforce.
  • Social protection systems like child care, cash transfer, etc should be more accessible. 

Globally, families need support from their governments and employment organizations to safeguard their children’s education and growth.

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