McAfee India Promotes Internet Safety For Kids And Responsible Online Behavior

Internet Safety For Kids And Responsible Online Behavior

There is a profound impact of coronavirus on the spread of cybercrimes. Globally hackers are using this sensitive time for their advantage. And there are many cases of various types of cyber scams across the world.

Amid this situation, McAfee India supports responsible online behavior, digital awareness among kids, and educating children against cyberbullying and other scams.

Why Is There A Sharp Surge In Cybercrimes?

Since many countries’ governments were compelled to force lockdown or isolation to decrease the spread of the virus, it led people to continue remote working. Students, working professionals, businessmen- everyone is home-locked and using various devices for various reasons.

Whether kids use games to stay entertained or teens use the social media platform to keep in touch with friends and relatives they mostly spend their time on different devices. Online education, watching videos on YouTube, and playing various games increases kids’ screen time hugely.

Not to mention, that this sudden spurt of using the Internet has made this platform a breeding ground of cyber scams. Hackers see it as a plethora of chances to con people and scam kids.

That is why across the globe patents are using Bit Guardian Parental Control to protect their kids. This app offers effective features to limit kids’ screen time and to give them safe digital navigation.

What Is The McAfee All About?

McAfee is a global computer security software giant that offers cloud defense, cybersecurity solutions, data center, threat intelligence network, and security information management services. It is a leading brand that offers many cybersecurity services.

Apart from McAfee, recently the Centre For Cyber Safety and Education has also raised the issue of kids’ safety in the virtual world and for that, it launched Garfield At Home program.

What Does the McAfee India States About Kids’ Online Safety?

In the latest interview of Venkat Krishnapur Vice President, Engineering & Managing Director, McAfee India he raised concern over kids’ safety in the digital world.

Moreover, the insights of his interview include many safety tips to enjoy safe online exposure. Also, he mentioned, keeping data safe during work from home, educating kids about various cyber scams and spreading awareness of responsible online behavior can help kids a lot.

Also, he explained online scams can be successful because predators ride on kids’ emotional vulnerabilities and behavioral patterns. Most of the online scams occur on various social media platforms. Many apps also target innocent kids by offering them free rewards, free in-app purchases, gift cards, in-game purchases, etc.

Moreover, it mentions that a child’s innocence can leave him helpless to various scams, phishing, accidentally sharing personal information, unknowingly being a victim of financial theft, etc.

To combat this situation, McAfee India encourages kids to behave responsibly while using digital devices.

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