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Marketers Are Violating COPPA Rules And Gathering Kids’ Personal Data From The Apps They Use

apps violate COPPA rules and are not suitable for kids

It seems mobile applications are the biggest threats to kids’ online safety these days. These apps are so captivating that it is almost impossible to stop kids using it, parents have to be extra cautious to keep kids safe online.

According to child safety experts, parents should be aware of mobile applications kids are using on their devices. As recently many incidents came to light that kids’ data is being gathered by marketing companies through mobile apps, your kids are using.

How Marketers Gather Kids’ Data Through The Apps?

Generally, parents try to stay aware that kids use child-friendly apps on their devices. But what if even the child-friendly apps misuse kids’ data? Many apps are titled under the kids’ category but still, they serve unsuitable content and gather kids’ data also.

Most of the time, as soon as kids learn how to operate the Google Play Store or App Store, no one guides them about what kind of apps they should choose and how to check the genuineness of any application.

However, every mobile phone by-default has a printed circuit board layout standard to ensure the most desirable design possible, along with the needed security checks.

But with ultra-smart hacking methods, hackers can bypass such safety standards. They can easily implant bugs or trackers on kids’ devices. Also, they can collect a few details of kids through this channel.

They easily get your kids’ names, geographic locations, and what are his main online activities. Through apps, especially social media apps, they gather kids’ photos, school/home addresses, and many other personal information.

Why Is It Alarming For Parents?

Mobile companies and marketers gather such information and further misuse it in many ways. These data can be sold to third-party platforms. Apart from that certain apps also collect kids’ data on the server.

Moreover, teens sometimes use online chatting platforms, thinking that their chats are encrypted and then they get trapped in the hands of bullies and hackers. Additionally,  many apps act as one-to-one chat platforms that connect two random strangers.

To be precise, one such notorious app is Omegle. Omegle is not a child-friendly app. However, there are tonnes of such apps that your kid might use. Such apps are full of unsuitable content and adult language. Many pedophiles use these platforms to trick innocent children.

How Parents Can Protect Kids?

One of the most assured ways that parents can use to ensure kids’ safety in such a digital scenario, is using parental control apps.

One such reliable app is Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is one of the most trusted parenting apps of 2020. Collectively, this app helps parents to limit, protect, and restrict kids’ digital lives.

Also, it is well known as an effective Android app blocker. It blocks all the unsuitable apps and ensures that your kid uses only child-friendly platforms on his device. It also offers brilliant real-time and screen-time control features to guarantee your kids’ overall safety.

While data selling, hacking, unlawfully retrieving sensitive information, is becoming normal practice, industry experts insist on following the COPPA guidelines.

As per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), websites, and apps should ask for parental approval before collecting any data from anyone below the age of 13.

However, how many apps will follow these guidelines is questionable. But a wise parent can always ensure kids’ safety with the help of the effective app blocker. Also, being part of kids’ online activities helps to safeguard their digital footprints.

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