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COVID-19 Lockdown Raises The Risk Of Online Child Abuse

lockdown raises risk of online child abuse

Amidst the Coronavirus crises, children are trapped at home with parents. Due to school closures and social isolation, they have plenty of free time. This has increased screen time globally. Parents are concerned about the rising risk of online child abuse during lockdown days.

However, many parents are making a quarantine schedule for kids to keep them engaged. But we can not stop kids from using devices. And we can not even ignore the fact that lockdown has increased the risk of online child abuse. Can there be a solution that offers a smart way, wherein children can use devices but still they are protected?

Let’s dig deep and know the reasons for such humiliating abuse, and what causes a sudden rise in it.

Reasons For Raising Risk Of Online Child Abuse

An Idle Mind Is A Devil’s Workshop

Parenting during a coronavirus outbreak is challenging. While parents need to handle their work from home profiles along with taking care of children, kids are free and have nothing to do during the whole day.

There are a whole lot of people that are idle and unengaged. They might not have jobs or a job that can be done from home, a few of them can be unmarried singles or old age people who do not have anything to do. These people have free access to the internet and an idle mind that can mislead them.

A lot of different online platforms are witnessing hate-driven and abusive content these days. Clearly, it is a coronavirus lockdown effect that makes lonely people insane.

Shortage Of Moderators To Combat Inappropriate Content

A few days back Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced all the third-party US content moderators would start working from home. And they may increase the AI(Artificial Intelligence) to moderate content during these pandemic days.

Moderators filter sexual, hate-driven and in-appropriate content. They act as the first-line of control to stop child abuse online. Increased screen time of children combined with a shortage of moderators has created a perfect opportunity for abusers to take advantage of the situation.

Although AI takes care of online content, a few human moderators (working from home) can not handle the amount of content Facebook processes every day. The story is the same as the other social media platforms, they can hardly focus on filtering content during these days.

Why Kids Are More Likely To Be Abused Online During Lockdown?

Kids Are More Easy And Vulnerable Target

All those online predators and abusers are always searching for a weak target. Kids are innocent by nature and do not know anything about various cybercrimes.

While they spend more hours on different sites, chances are they might face a hacker or a bully or a psychopath that abuses them sexually or mentally. Parents should share a few basic internet safety tips with kids.

Temptations Of Virtual Life

Kids find lockdown days tedious and less active. Various social media platforms, games, and apps are their lifeline in such a situation. With decreased social life they are more active in virtual lives.

They find these temptations more exciting and captivating. In fact as per the recent study, children are pro-active on various online dating apps during these days. Share a list of safe online dating apps with your kids to save them from any risk of child abuse.

Solution Of The Online Child Abuse

A smart solution to protect your kids from an abusive situation is to use the Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is the most reliable app offering various child monitoring features that give your kids safe online exposure.

This android screen time limit app is outstanding in protecting, limiting, and restricting the kid’s virtual life. Parents need to use this app along with other smart strategies to avoid kid’s excessive screen time.

  • Parents can save kids from online child abuse by applying App Time Limit and Time Schedule features. These tools limit kids’ extensive screen hours and in a way helps save them.
  • With App Block and App Install Block parents can assure kids are using child-friendly apps that have age-appropriate content.
  • It is a complete kids’ safety app that offers other standard parental control features such as Geofencing, Panic, and SOS, Call block, etc.

Let’s navigate these COVID-19 days safely keeping our kids well-protected even in the virtual world. Let them explore the world during these isolation days in a guarded way. Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control app to save your kid from online child abuse.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

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