The Limited Preview Available For Microsoft’s New Family Safety App

Microsoft's New Family Safety App

Microsoft Family Safety app is now rolling out in limited preview for Android and iOS devices. The app primarily works as a parental control app that empowers parents to manage kids’ screen time and their app usage.

Back in March, Microsoft announced the app’s development. It allows users to observe their family’s digital safety and they can track screen time across the Windows PCs, Android devices, and Xbox.

The family time app also offers features such as location sharing and notifications that can be beneficial to track the location of all the family members and get signals when they reach school or work.

What Is Microsoft’s Family Safety App?

The family safety app works as an Android screen time tool, allowing parents to limit kids’ screen time. One of the important features of the Microsoft Family Safety app is “Activity reporting”. It enables parents to track total screen time spent on Android, Windows, and Xbox apps by their children.

Parents can also view websites visited by kids and their search terms. Caregivers will also receive a summary to help promote dialogue on healthy digital preferences.

How To Preview Microsoft Family Safety App?

To collect global feedback and test the services the family safety app is currently available as a limited preview. Follow these steps to try a preview of the app.

  • Set up a family group through Microsoft.
  • Fill in all the information on the form that generates via Microsoft.
  • Carefully read the privacy policy and accept it.
  • Submit the form.

With a recent blog post, Microsoft stated the Family Safety app is not only beneficial during the current COVID-19 crisis – wherein both kids and parents are spending excessive time online- but the app will be further useful once the society gets back to the normal life.

Also, the users of the app can SafeSearch in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Xbox One. This is how they can add search filters to prevent harmful adult content. Furthermore, patents can select  – “set browsing to child-friendly websites”. Parents will get a notification when kids want to download a more mature app or game from the Microsoft Xbox stores.

Currently, the Family Safety app is available for a limited preview. Users who already expressed their interest in the app can feedback through their Android and iOS devices.

Once the preview phase is over, Microsoft is all set to launch the app. As per the user’s estimation, the Family Safety app will soon be globally available to download through Apple and Google app stores.

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