Netflix Enhances Parental Controls: Now Parents Can Check What Their Kids View

Netflix Enhances Parental Controls

Keeping in mind the current situation, wherein millions of children are at home on April 7, the streaming giant Netflix released an update for enhanced parental controls. With the latest Netflix features, now parents can control Netflix for kids.

With these kids’ safety measures Netflix ensures safe digital navigation for kids. And reassures parents to provide only age-appropriate content.

What Is Netflix

Netflix is an American media service provider and a giant production company. It is a streaming service that allows members to watch award-winning TV shows, movies, web-series, and trending TV shows with high-end productions.

However, to keep the platform age-vise categorized Netflix offers Netflix for kids.

What Is Netflix Kids’ Experience?

Netflix Kids’ experience is for kids. It operates on a simplified look and feel. It only plays TV shows and movies carefully selected just for kids. Parents can choose the type of TV shows and movies their kids can watch. It also enables parents to manage their kid’s Netflix profile. It boosts parents to create a kid-specific profile with added Netflix Parental Control features.

Latest Netflix Updates About Netflix For Kid

Netflix is determined to make it a safe and clean platform for kids. Its newly launched parental control measures focus on kids safety. Here are It’s latest measures.

  • Parents can create a profile with a specific maturity rating.
  • Can choose maturity rating and with Netflix Blocking parents can block shows.
  • Parents can lock their profiles or other profiles from their Netflix account.
  • Can turn autoplay ON or OFF.
  • Parents can access the viewing history of a particular profile.

What Are Netflix Parental Control Features And How To Access It?

Seeing the increased screen time globally and the online current trend of watching movies and web series, Netflix for kids has launched a few parental control tools.

Now parents can completely block particular TV series or films from showing up in a kid’s Netflix profile. Also, parents can choose to remove particular web series or movies searching by its titles. So these shows will not show up in the kid’s profile.

Another added feature of Netflix Parental control is it allows you to set a PIN password for any profile. So parents can prevent kids from viewing in-appropriate shows.

To keep Netflix a child-friendly platform, Netflix allows parents and guardians to filter out all the in-appropriate titles, based on the country-specific rating system.

Day by day kid’s screen time is increasing and not all the shows are child-friendly. Globally, parents are worried about their kid’s digital safety and started using smart parental means.

One such effective tool is Bit Guardian Parental Control. Parents can save kids from inappropriate content and can block dubious apps with this child monitoring app.

Noticing Netflix’s new features, founder and CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute, Stephen Balkam released a statement -“Netflix’s parental controls give parents and families the ability to shape the experience they want their kids to have on Netflix, and help keep them safe,”

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