Kinspire Launches A New App To Occupy Kids In Screen-Free Activities

Kinspire Launches A New App To Kids In Screen-free Activities

While parents are worried due to the massive upsurge in the usage of mobile Internet in this lockdown phase, a new startup-Kispire offers exciting ways to occupy kids in screen-free activities.

To relax parents from kids’ screen addictions, Kinspire launches a new app with more than 350 screen-free activities. In the initial phase, all the activities are totally free and offer useful learnings.

What Is Kinspire?

This newbie app is an impressive tool that uses technology to get us away from technology. This app is specially designed for kids. Parents and children can easily access this tool to discover projects, activities, and craft lessons to enjoy new learnings mostly with the things that we have around the house.

Additionally, parents have valued and appreciated this screen-free concept globally. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This kid-driven app aims to help parents to get their kids away from devices in exciting and approachable manners.

What Inspires Kinspire?

Rob Seigel, a father of two and Kinspire’s CEO and co-founder explains that as a parent he wanted such an app in the parenting world. He found it stressful to search for real-life activities on different websites to promote screen-free hours in kids.

After all that frustrating work when he tried to involve kids in those activities they would simply refuse because those tasks were not interesting enough. So an idea blinked for the app that could serve as a one-stop-solution. In which kids can choose what they found interesting, and not seem fun to parents.

Additionally, he said that there are many parental control apps to limit kids’ screen activities. But hardly any alternative that offers screen-free learning. 

One such remarkable tool is Bit Guardian Parental Control. This kids’ safety app is rewarded as one of the most effective parenting apps of 2020. It offers excellent screen time control features and works best as an Android app blocker.

Collectively, this app limits controls and monitors kids’ digital activities to provide them safe digital navigation. Using it along with Kinspire can limit screen time and simultaneously offer the best screen-free activities to occupy kids. Installing and setting up Bit Guardian Parental Control is easy.

How The Screen-Free App Will Look Like?

At this time, Kinspire offers over 350 screen-free alternatives. The app has a kid-friendly interface with colorful screens and icons. It offers STEAM activities that are project-based. Tinkerclass offers these activities and also promotes it through a kids’ podcast- “wow in the world”.

When a new user first opens the app he will see a vertical feed of images, similar to Instagram. Children and parents can scroll through the activity recommendations to find something fun to do.

Moreover, each activity card will have a featured photo taken by the Kinspire Team. This photo will include teachers, caregivers and activity creators.

Also, the app gives an option to filter all the activities by age, prep time, and how much parental involvement is needed for that particular activity. Parents can also filter activities for materials needed, activity type, and whether it is an indoor task or outdoor.

For working parents, Kinspire especially offers a filter that shows a mess level- how much mess can probably be involved in a particular activity.

According to Kinspire, the company has just planted a seed, and they will soon add many more features. Every activity is free and Kispire is freely available on iOS and Android in the U.S. and Canada.

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