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Best Kid Safety Apps That Keep Kids And Teens Safe

Best Kid Safety Apps That Keep Kids And Teens Safe

We are living in a digital age. And Kid safety apps are the digital guardian of the smartphone generation. Today kids and teens use different devices for different purposes. The Internet is fun and learning for kids. But even a thought that a child can be harassed or bullied on the Internet is scary for parents. These days it is essential to discuss cyber safety and digital citizenship with your kids.

What happens when you are not around to oversee your children’s Internet activities? How can we ensure kids’ safety while we are not monitoring them? We need to find out effective ways to protect our children from online predators. With smart child safety apps, we can ensure safe digital navigation of our kids.

Top 3 Child Safety Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe

There are several tools, apps, and software that enable you to see what your children are searching, viewing, and posting online. Here we share the best parenting apps 2020 that you may use (or pass on !) to help keep your children and teens safe online.

Bit Guardian Parental Control

This child monitoring app is a comprehensive digital support that ensures safe digital navigation to your child. It offers effective features with a straightforward interface.

How It Functions?

Parents need to download and set up Bit Guardian Parental Control both in kids’ devices and their own devices. You can use it for as many children as you have. This child safety app is easy to use and offers a simple interface with easy navigation. You can use it to monitor, limit, and restrict your kids’ online activities.

Features Of Bit Guardian Parental Control:

This teen safety app gives effective features that ensure kids’ safety both in the virtual world and real world.

Parental Control Features:

  • App Block: Find out the apps children are using and block all the in-appropriate apps. It works as a child app lock.
  • App Install Block: Keep your children protected by preventing them from downloading any unapproved new apps from Play Store. It is one of the best app blockers that ensure child safety.
  • Kiosk Mode: Customize your kid’s home screen and allow only secure apps.
  • Time Schedule: Use screen time control for different app categories like games, social media, and more.
  • App Time Limit: Yet another way to control screen time is by limiting extra ours. It limits the kid’s screen time effectively.

Real-life Safety Features:

  • Panic and SOS: Get panic alerts with the current location to make sure your kid is safe. Whenever your child presses the SOS button you immediately get location details.
  • Geofence And Speed: This Geofencing app lets you set a speed limit for your teen. Get notified whenever your kid surpasses the preset speed limit. Secure your teen by knowing his whereabouts through virtual geographic boundaries.
  • Call Blocker: Check all calls or selected number of contacts on a kid’s phone.
  • Anti-Theft: In case of loss or theft, this app finds your kid’s device on the map. It remotely rings a kid’s phone from the parent device even in silent mode. Apply a ‘factory reset’ remotely from your device to restore default settings and secure your teen.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

The Parental Control Bar

Next in our list of best child safety apps is Parental Control Bar. It is a free service that supports parents to restrict their children from accessing adult websites.

How It Functions?

After a simple three-step installation, the user can start protecting his family from accessing inappropriate content. It is an accurate and reliable app.


Secure your teens and kids with the effective features of the Parental Control Bar.

  • It restricts your child to access any inappropriate content by comparing any sites with your parental settings to determine whether to block or allow access. 
  • It is a free public service that monitors what your family’s views online.
  • Does not work with multi-user accounts. It only works on a single user system.


Another safety app that offers excellent features to keep your kids safe. It lets you know whenever there is anything that needs your attention.

How It Functions?

Surfie-Parent is one of the best apps for teenagers, which helps to understand a child’s digital lifestyle. It promotes an open conversation about online behavior. It is easy to download it and you can protect your kids from online hazards with this app.


  • It lets you define age-appropriate boundaries, for your kids’ app usage.
  • You can monitor overall digital usage. 
  • Receive alerts for your child’s digital activities.
  • Set website filtering for porn and other inappropriate content with this child safety app.


Kids are the most valued treasure and we all want to keep them safe both in the real and virtual world. We need a child safety app that offers safety features for both real life and online life. Bit Guardian Parental Control- the ultimate Android app blocker, is your eyes and ears to the child’s overall safety.

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