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Zoom: A Famous Video Calling App-But How Safe Is It For Kids?

Zoom app: How Safe Is It For Kids

Self-isolation is difficult but just imagine what we will be doing without video-calling. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other video-calling apps keep us well-connected with friends, family, and workplaces. But we all know every coin has two sides. With lots of benefits, these platforms carry risks as well. Are these platforms safe for kids?

As more and more students, families, and working professionals started using video conferencing to communicate, security issues have arisen. Globally people are using the Zoom app so much so that this app is blasting off.

Everything Parents Need To Know About The Zomm App

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current lockdown phase, even kids started using the Zoom app. And that makes parents concerned about Zoom App and kids’ safety.

What Is A Zoom App?

Zoom is a famous online meeting and video conferencing platform. It is especially known for its webinar capabilities that facilitate the user with live virtual events and broadcasting. The app offers HD audio-video, various collaboration tools, chat functionality, and an enterprise cloud phone system.

Kids use this app to attend online classes, enjoy video calling with friends and relatives, and even to attend a live virtual birthday party of friends. But is the Zoom app safe for children? lets first know how it works.

How Does Zoom App Work?

Zoom supports all the devices as long as it has a camera. Does your child use the Zoom app for his online class? The teacher will email all the key information and an 11-digit meeting ID. By clicking on this ID kid can directly enter into the class.

Moreover, using a Zoom app for work is an effective tip to work from home with kids around for parents. However, is it safe to use a Zoom app? Recently, we have heard a lot about the Zoom app and cyber-safety loopholes associated with it. Privacy concerns, data mining, etc makes parents worry about kids’ safety while using the Zoom app.

What Is Zoombombing?

Seeing the ratings and reviews of the Zoom app, it looks like a safe app for kids. However, Zoom bombing is a profound reason to worry. The term Zoombombing refers to the sharing of improper, offensive, or aggressive content with the other people on a Zoom call in an attempt to insult, threaten, or harass them.

Do you think with such issues the Zoom app is safe for your kids? Such instances happen when someone shares a unique Zoom link on social media or another public forum.

How Safe Is The Zoom App For Your Kid?

Apart from the Zoom Bombing, there are many issues parents should know about. Here are some latest cyber-safety issues with the Zoom app.

  • Does Zoom Ensure end-to-end encrypted connection?

Despite telling users that Zoom ensures an end-to-end encrypted connection, Zoom really does not encrypt any call on its platform. Its easy-to-use interface and fuss-free nature is a huge positive point, however, in reality it does not encrypt user chats.

  • Spam And Messages From Randoms

Message scams, nuisance calls, and Junk messages are common issues of video-calling apps. However, with Zoom if anyone sends you a meeting link and you don’t know them and do not participate that’s the end of it. But explaining this to a kid is a bit difficult for parents.

  • Content Bombing

Many predators use Zoom for sexting and sharing pornographic chats and messages. Just like Zoom Bombing, content bombing includes all sorts of content that are not child-friendly. Also, sharing adult, violent, racist, or other indecent content onto the screen of a video conference, has been globally noted on Zoom.

  • Other Privacy Concerns

Cybersafety experts have raised many concerns about the Zoom App. Attendee tracking, for instance, that enables hosts to see whether participants are still seeing the meeting window. This can be a big issue for kids and adults.

Does Your Child Use The Zoom App? Here Is How You Can Protect Him

  • Educate your kid not to say or do anything that he can regret later. (Host can record or save sessions so kids should think twice before saying anything)
  • Kids Should never join a meeting or accept a request from someone he doesn’t actually know.
  • It is okay if your kids are using the Zoom App for online classes, but if young kids want to use it just for fun block the app from their device.
  • Ask your kids not to share any private information and photographs on it.
  • You can use Bit Guardian Parental Control– one of the most famous child safety apps to restrict kids’ access.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

With this child monitoring app, parents can restrict, protect and limit kids’ digital lives. Moreover, Zoom app is not entirely safe for kids. You should monitor your child whenever he uses it. Keep your kids’ virtual lives safe, happy and healthy.

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