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Have You Been Part Of The Houseparty? Let’s Explore The Good And Downside Of It.!

is houseparty a safe app

Do you remember how much we loved to throw a low-key party when we were kids? We only wanted more people to show up than we actually invited. The Houseparty app is a digitized version of the same concept. Is the Houseparty safe for kids?

Moreover, with the Houseparty app, you can connect with people you know – and you don’t know – by inviting friends, and friends of friends to enjoy video-chatting sessions. Despite knowing the negative effects of such social media platforms, is it okay, as parents, to allow this app to kids? Let’s explore!

What Is The Houseparty App?

Houseparty app was launched in 2016 and it was having a mediocre performance and popularity amongst youth. But in the middle of a pandemic when staying inside your homes is the only option available, the Houseparty app was re-born! Despite the dangers of Houseparty, the 2 Million plus downloads made this app very famous.

Also, the app is available on just a simple click of download icon on Apple store, androids, and their home websites, Houseparty allows your children to have video chats and play games while staying inside.

Moreover, this app mimics an actual house party and allows kids to roam in one room from another while having their friends available on the screen. Not only video chats but children can also text their friends and play video games together. If you are on this app, you can simultaneously talk with 2 to 8 people at the time.

The Word From The Horse’s Mouth: The Parent’s Opinion Of A Houseparty

Despite the app’s exciting concept parents are not at all happy with the Houseparty app. Parent’s reviews for Houseparty app on common sense media says this app is addictive, anxiety builder for kids and a potent platform of sexual content.

In Fact, many parents started taking some preventive measures for their kids.

  • Tell your kids exactly what are the risks involved in it.
  • Make sure to tell your kid you will be there if anything is bothering them so that they should not go outside looking for strangers to party.
  • You can restrict your kids with Bit Guardian Parental Control, the child monitoring app that limits your kids’ screen time and app addictions effectively. It is a kids’ safety app that keeps your child’s digital life safe and healthy.
A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Do you want to know what exactly this app offers and how does it work? Let’s dig deep!

Going Behind The Curtain Of The House: How Does The Houseparty Work?

Like any other networking app, Houseparty also works by syncing your social media accounts and your contacts on your devices as well as locations and microphone of your device to bring your friends and families together.

So, you can put it this way, your friends will receive a notification when you join and you will receive a notification when your friends join in! Bang, the party begins! 

Sadly, the Houseparty app does allow strangers to enter your parties such as friends of friends or some guy you have added on Facebook! This invites many Houseparty dangers that bothers the parents the most.

Moreover, it’s not just always about strangers and unobserved virtual gatherings! You can always lock your room and make your chats private. By this feature, you can also restrict anyone who tries to enter your virtual room.

The Red Flags Of Virtual Celebration: Is Houseparty Safe For Kids?

Okay, we do understand that this app works great for kid’s entertainment. But some red flags bother parents a lot. Let’s dig into the probable Houseparty dangers that may put our kids at great risk.

Location Sharing

This app asks your permission to share your location with it so that you can send invites to your house party based on your local surroundings.

  • You should always avoid sharing your location details with any app and Houseparty is no exception!

Connecting With Strangers

One more major concern of this app is the behavior it promotes in the name of the party with strangers!

  • Adding strangers in social media accounts and interacting with them is not a good idea for kids.

Privacy Concerns

There is always a risk of sexual predators lurking around your kid’s chat room with malicious intentions.

  • This comes as the highest degree of risk as the app is mainly a video chat app! However, it does notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your chat but there are ways to overcome this security feature, so please take measures and avoid sharing private photos and videos!


So, to sum up, the Houseparty app is not something that you should not try on! Go on this ride yourself to find out its in and out before your kid starts using it! And make sure you keep your kids safe against all the dangers of the Houseparty app.

Because you know, who does not like parties?

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