Instagram Trains Teenagers To Build Safe Digital Spaces

Instagram teen training camp

Seeing the increasing cyber scam issues, Instagram has recently launched a teen training camp on how to build a safe digital space to discuss issues such as body-shaming, bullying, loneliness, gender diversity, mental health, etc. It also aims to cover cyber safety and all the other matters that cause stress and anxiety, especially among teenagers.

Off late, various tech-giants are working to keep kids safe online. Kids’ digital wellbeing is everyone’s concern these days. Earlier this year, YouTube launched a digital summer camp for kids and now Instagram offers teen training camp.

What Is The Need Of Teen Training Camp?

According to the facts released by Instagram, there is a massive rise in cyber scams during the last few months. Not only kids but adults also face cyber safety issues these days. Apart from this the lockdown situation has also led to increased screen time globally.

Because of school-closure, kids are free and spend excessive hours online. This multifold the risk of probable cyber scams. Adults can identify the risk or suspicious online behavior of predators, but kids are innocent and they are at high risk of Internet scams. Also, they are facing many mental and emotional crises these days. Training to fight such issues can make them ready to survive the digital world.

Apart from that, to keep kids digital lives safe parents are using the Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app offers useful kids safety features. It’s screen time control features are very effective.

What Does Instagram Offer In Positive Advocacy Training?

Three years back, Instagram already launched these initiatives in the US, India, Nepal, Brazil, and Australia, etc. At that time, online hate speech content, reports of bullying, and violence came to surface in the different parts of the world. The online hate-speech tracking company says, as of today, they tracked 500,000 sightings of hate speech in online communications in 97 different languages across 178 countries.

To make teens cyber aware Instagram offers many creative activities. How to create catchy online content, How to gain positive advocacy with content, usage of hashtags, the art of tagging the right people, and mainly, preparing teenagers to deal with trolls and hate-mongers online is the motto of the training camp. Apart from that, sex education, dealing with bullyes and body-shaming, creating cyber awareness are also a  few objectives of this training.

What Will Be The Outcomes Of Guiding Young Minds?

Facebook and Instagram roll out ads on both the platforms and on the accounts of parents and teenagers promoting these programs. Any teenager can enroll for free in this training camp. It will help instill digital literacy skills in your kids.

Instagram feels it is a shared responsibility to ensure our kids have a pleasant experience while expressing themselves and sharing their interests online. This training will make them aware of cyber safety hacks and will prepare them to handle hate-speech, bullies, and predators.

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