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The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Spread Of Cybercrimes

Impact Of Coronavirus On The Spread Of Cybercrimes

Covid-19 has not only changed our real lives but equally impacted our virtual lives. As per the latest news, the lockdown phase has raised the risk of online child abuse along with other digital crimes. In addition, the nature and intensity of cybercrimes has also changed during the last few months.

The New Changes In The Cybercrimes

Cyber threats have closely followed the journey of Coronavirus and have increased at an equally proportional rate. COVID -19 hasn’t changed the cybercrimes on an operational level but it drastically shifted on various platforms making us see the spikes in cybersecurity.

Also, hackers are earning from the public’s fear of Coronavirus. In the last few months, they plot many dubious links in the guise of COVID-19 awareness news.

What Are The New Projects Of Hackers?

Across the globe, hackers are targeting individuals and organizations with a massive range of cyber-attacks. And it seems everyone who is using a screen, in some way or the other, is under the probable risk of digital scams. Whether it is cyberspying, data leaks, data hoarding, or phishing attacks, hackers are moving swiftly with the fake COVID-19 domains and news.

Out of many such fake platforms, some actively provide genuine information about COVID-19 in the initial period and later on it starts plotting people. These platforms look like general web platforms, which share information on various topics. Another few cheats and spies on people under the name of ‘Coronavirus and latest updates’.

Also, the gullible kids are the first target of such hackers. It is easy to deliver information on the virus and in a way con innocent kids. Hackers may plant suspicious links, dubious third-party platforms to divert kids.

However, a few apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control are standing strong against such cybercrimes. Parents are increasingly using this app to keep kids digitally safe.

Why Are Cyber Crimes Increasing?

Sadly, there has been a significant rise in the attacks led by a few state-funded groups of hackers. Such groups are using Coronavirus threats as a pretext to plant wider espionage campaigns.

Back in mid-February, the Hades Group (States and Government assume hackers from Russia are operating such groups) is linked to APT28 and APT41. It hid a C#Trojan Horse through emails which seemingly looked like the latest news of COVID-19 from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health’s Public Health Centre.

Also, social isolation is the main reason behind the increased crimes. As per the latest news, the lockdown phase sees the massive upsurge in the usage of the mobile Internet. The more they stay online the more they are prone to various cybercrimes.

Moreover, this increased screen time makes various platforms a breeding ground for cyber scams. Keeping real-life and virtual-life safe is important these days.

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