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How To Use App Block?

App Block

App block gives access to the list of apps your kid is using in his device and empowers parents to block any unsuitable app in a jiffy. Let’s have a look at the step to step user guide of the App Block feature.

Step 1: Go to the parent’s dashboard of the Bit Guardian Parental Control app(Parent’s Device) and select the kid for whom you would like to use the App Block feature.

parent's dashboard

Step 2:Tap the App Block feature and get access to the list of apps your kid is using in his device.

App Block feature

Step 3: Enable the App Block, and choose all the apps you want to block from your kid’s device.

Enable the App Block

Step 4: Tap on Apply and all the selected apps will be blocked successfully!

selected app blocked

Note– Kids can request to unblock any app and parents can view these requests from the parent’s dashboard.

request to unblock app

Parents can neither peep into kids’ phones nor seize the device to get knowledge of kid’s mobile activities. Knowing which apps kids are using and how to control extreme app usage is now easy with the App Block feature of Bit Guardian Parental Control.

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