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How To Treat a Kid’s Smartphone Addiction With Parental Control?

Kids smartphone addiction

No matter how strictly we, parents, restrict our kids from excessive screen usage, they will never listen to us! Their smartphone addiction will always win over parents’ concerns.

Although a parent’s worries are understandable as the cybercrime ratio is increasing day by day. Furthermore, the excessive unguarded screen time exposes kids to many online threats.

But how to tame this tech-crazy generation’s device obsession? Well, across the globe, parents started using Bit Guardian Parental Control tools to rest these worries.

Let’s see how parental control apps help to keep kids safe in the digital realm.

 What Are Parental Controls?

Parental controls are apps and software that acts like a kid’s digital guardian. They are specifically designed to give our kids safe digital exposure by restricting, limiting, protecting and monitoring their online activities.

Out of various parental control apps, Bit Guardian Parental Control wins parent’s trust through its excellent features and accurate performance.

A perfect way to safeguard your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Let’s see how this app helps to treat a kid’s smartphone addiction.

Smartphone Addiction And Parental Control

Parents Can Set Screen Time Limit

  • Today’s kids enjoy excessive screen time. They explore multiple platforms for various purposes and spend extensive hours on their favorite apps.
  • When kids develop the habit of using gadgets and smartphones for long hours, they unknowingly invite a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Furthermore, such a lifestyle may lead to obesity, insomnia, poor postures, weak eyesight and may hinder the kid’s emotional and social growth.
  • Parental Control app helps you set screen time limits through screen time control features. Apart from this, App Time Limit can empower parents by limiting extra hours their kids spend on addictive apps.

Put An End To Kid’s Smartphone Addiction

  • Does your child stay hooked to his device all day long? Are you sick and tired of explaining the adverse effects of excessive usage of social media apps to your kids?
  • Parental control apps can help you to save your kid’s from the obsession of social media apps.
  • By using the Time Schedule feature, parents can apply screen time control for various app categories such as social media, games, and many more.
  • Do you want to save your child from slip deprivation due to his habit of late-night device usage? Use the bedtime feature and only the SOS button will work on a kid’s device. Isn’t it a perfect child-lock to make him understand life priorities?

Block All The In-appropriate Apps

  • Children are curious in nature and want to explore new things. Especially teens, at this age are very excited to explore the world out there.
  • But the digital world is full of adult content. Many apps serve soft porn and in-descent content. Will it be possible for you to check every app on your child’s device? There are chances that your kid’s curiosity will make him use an app, which is not child-friendly.
  • A dedicated parental control app offers the feature of App Block. Parents can get access to the list of apps a kid is using on his device and can block all the in-appropriate apps.

Prevent Installation Of New Apps

  • Obviously, we parents are not that smart when it comes to various new digital technologies. Even if we block in-appropriate apps our tech-savvy children will find ways to use other addictive apps.
  • They love this lousy habit of smartphone scrolling, but as parents, we are responsible for their good and bad habits.
  •  Eliminate the chances of downloading any new addictive app from Google Play Store by using the App Install Block feature of Bit Guardian Parental Control.

How About A Bespoke Homescreen?

  • This one is the master technique to save your child from screen obsessions.The Kiosk Mode feature enables parents to create a bespoke home screen on a child’s device.
  • You may be surprised to know that there are apps in the market that dedicatedly work to hide apps on your device.
  • What if your teenager installs such an app on his device and starts hiding other apps that may make him indulge in a virtual world for excessive hours?
  • Use the kiosk mode and get a customised home screen on your kid’s device, wherein he has access to a handful of child-friendly apps only! With this feature any parent is well-aware which apps kids are using.

Never Settle For Less!

  • The primary purpose of any parental control app is to safeguard your child’s digital exposure. Don’t you think apart from the screen time many things can threaten a kid’s online safety?
  • That’s where you need a wholesome app that not only lays technical support but also offers restorative features that support your child’s overall growth and development.
  • Apart from above-mentioned screen time control features this child safety app provides, Anti-theft, Geofence and Speed limit, Panic and the SOS button, Call Block, etc.

A Parental Tip To Conclude

Certainly, parental control apps can help in kid’s digital detoxification. But their affinity towards the virtual world will make them visit it again and again.

As parents we should replace our kids smartphone addiction with real-life engaging activities. Anchor your child’s life with social gatherings, community services, hobby classes, etc. and relax their virtual cravings.

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